7 Most Commonly Used Tools in Carpentry

Carpentry is a magical profession where various objects are made with effort and creativity.  The best part about carpeting is that it always offers something new to learn. Carpenters create very useful and long lasting articles that are used everywhere whether in homes or in offices or even in small shops. To make these useful objects, carpenters require various hand tools and power tools that make their job easier. From beginners to pro carpenters, they must know every tool used in their jobs. Here is a list of the common tools used in carpentry:

Claw Hammer: Claw hammer is one of the most common tools used in carpentry. There is a well-counterbalanced claw on one side of the head and the other side is rounded. It is mostly used in construction. When a nail is used, a claw hammer leaves a distinctive waffle mark on the wood. That is why the other head of this hammer is also known as a waffle head. 

To use a claw hammer effortlessly, grip it with a hand and let the weight of the head do most of the work. 

Carpenters mostly use a claw hammer of size 20 oz. It is heavy enough for easy driving and pulling nails. Although steel and fiberglass handles are stronger. But they can not absorb vibrations from driving nails that wooden handles can easily do. These wooden handles also reduce the stress on hand and wrist.

Jigsaw: It is a power-tool that is used for cutting curves and circular patterns. It uses a similar sized blade to cut wood. These blades are easy to change or replace when get damaged. Jigsaw has a rubber or plastic casing and dust collection bag attached to it. Cutting straight lines with a jigsaw is a challenging task, but it can be achieved by changing the speed of the blade.

Circular Saw: Circular saws are most like jigsaws. The only change is circular saws have a round and much larger blade that is suitable for making straight cuts. The blade can be changed while it is blunt or damaged. Similar to jigsaws, these saws also have plastic and rubber casing. Circular saws are also built with a transparent plastic guard to prevent injuries. These saws are portable as compared to the table saw.

Power Drill: There are two types of drills available, with cords and cordless. A corded drill is more versatile and powerful than a non-corded drill. Power drills have a very tough plastic cover outside to resist damage from a drop. A power drill is used for two jobs, first, for drilling holes and second, for inserting and removing screws. 

Orbital Sanders: These are unique sanding tools, and give better results as compared to hand sanding. Although, palm sanders are less expensive; but due to a faster and better outcome, orbital sanders are commonly used and recommended by experts.. They provide random sanding motions and due to this feature, they can smooth out the timber without leaving behind deep scratches.

Table Saw: A table saw is the heart and soul of carpentry. It is a centerpiece around which all other tools are used and organized. Table saw is a very big sized tool. So, purchase a table saw as per space in your home or workshop. Due to its stable nature, it can deal with various sizes of wood with efficiency and accuracy.

Routers: These tools are portable and powerful and can create curved edges. They also have router bits to cut a hole in the piece of wood. So, you would not require any other tools like a jigsaw for the same work. The depth of cuts can be adjusted. Routers are also used for making larger holes and creating bigger and different patterns. 

These above-mentioned tools are helpful for carpentry. For the best purchase of hand and power tools, browse through moglix.com. It offers the best brands at a reasonable price.

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