Tips to Clean & Maintain Electronic Tools

Electronic tools and equipment are the first requirements for any project undertaken. A selection of these tools is quite a tricky task but maintaining and storing them carefully so that these tools can last longer is not at all easy. Prevention is the systematic way of the protection of tools and equipment in order to keep them in a safe, usable condition, limit downtime and extend productivity. Maintaining these tools does not only make work smooth but also prevent workers from hazardous situations. Hence, it is necessary to understand ways for tools maintenance to ensure that these tools work properly and prevent users from electrical risks. For better understanding, check the points mentioned below:

Cleaning of Hand Tools

The most basic category of tools used in the electronic industry is hand tools. Some hand tools that are frequently used are pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, utility knife, hacksaw, wire strippers, and many more. 

The most simple and effective way to clean hand tools is to wipe them with a clean piece of cloth at the end of the job. Don’t be afraid to wash them. If the hand tools are too dirty, wash them with soapy water to wipe away the grime. Remember to dry these tools to avoid rusting and corrosion.

To maintain wooden handles of hand tools, it is required to wipe them with a piece of cloth dampened in linseed oil. It will be helpful in keeping the handle clean and sturdy for a longer time. 

Cleaning Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, cleaning and maintenance can be a tricky task. Before cleaning the power tools, make sure that these are switched off and unplugged. Wipe all the dust off with a cloth piece or a brush. Use machine oil to lubricate the moving parts of the tools to keep them in good working condition. 

Keep the Toolbox Clean

Along with keeping the tools clean, it is also important to take care of your toolbox and to clean regularly. Empty the toolbox and wipe it off with a clean cloth. If you use leather bags, make sure to do leather conditioning. 

Oiling Electronic Tools

The tools that have a cutting surface are necessary to be lightly oiled to prevent rust. Also, examine these tools and their surfaces to make sure they are in good condition. 

Storing Tools Safely

If you don’t store tools properly, there is no use of cleaning them. For a big collection of tools, a metal cabinet could be a good option. After using these tools, store them in a sorted and organized manner. This way would not only help you to access them quickly but also keep them safe. 

Electronic tools should not rub against each other when stored. Keep all the tools in the dry area and protect them from moisture, dust, and direct sunlight. To prevent injuries, keep the sharpen tool in a tool holder. 

Inspect and Repair Tools

It is recommended to keep checking your tools at regular intervals. If there is any damage, repair them or replace them. 

1. Cracked or Loose Handles: Damaged wooden handle is prone to break while in use causing injuries. Hence,, it is required to replace them. However, if the handle is not partially damaged, sand it down. Sand till it gets smooth enough for further use. Finish the process by coating it with linseed oil.

2. Mushroomed heads on wedges and chisels: Mushroom head implies that the striking edge has become malformed through use. In this situation, the head of the tool can shatter on impact. To solve this problem, keep it sharpened. Do it in every six months for better results. 

These are some tips to maintain and clean your electronic tools. Frequent inspection can help in maintaining them. For durable and reliable electronic tools, visit that offers the best tools at the best price.

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