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Top Essential Tools for Your Automotive Repair Shop

Are you a skilled mechanic and own an automotive shop or garage? Then this blog is for you. You would require so many tools in your automotive repair shop or workshop.

To run your business properly, you would need to learn about the right equipment and tools that are essential for an automotive repair shop.

For a perfect auto repair shop, it is imperative that you have the right equipment. If you are confused about choosing the right equipment and tools, read this blog further to rule out all your confusions. Let’s discuss some essential tools that you would need.

Air Compressor

You would require a reliable air compressor to operate many tools within your shop, including pneumatic hand tools and some auto lifts. An air compressor supports a lot of tools and equipment in an auto repair shop. That is why it is important to buy the right one. Get the best air compressor to be sure you have the power you need for your shop. 60-120 gallon compressor is the most common compressor used.

Jacks and Jack Stand

Many auto repairs require raising the vehicle at least temporarily, so a strong floor jack is required on a regular basis. Also, all automobile businesses should possess a jack to work underneath a vehicle. Get a high-quality, high-capacity jack, and strong jack stand.

Oil Drain

oil changes are one of the first services that any auto repair shop has to offer. So, the oil drain is a must-have tool for your business. It changes the oil and does the transmission of fluid. It also allows storage of the old oil for potential reuse later.

Engine Hoist

If you are working on an engine which requires getting removed for requires removal of the engine for repairs, rebuilds, or replacement, an engine hoist is a must-have. This allows you to easily remove the engine from the car. It also supports maximum weight for what you will be servicing. Investing in one of them would be a wiser choice.


Nuts and bolts are very common for automotive repair work. There are a huge number of different sized nuts and bolts which are frequently used inside cars and due to this reason you would require a huge number of different spanners to remove them. You can also buy a spanner set in which different sized spanners are available. For different types of nuts and bolts, different spanners are available online so you can choose the right one depending on your job requirement.

Tool Box

Once you have got all the equipment that you require in your garage, don’t forget to keep all the things in place. Storage of the tools in a proper manner is very important for their long life. Invest in a quality toolbox to keep your equipment safe and organized. 

There is a lot of equipment to consider for an auto repair shop. It would be a wise decision to start investing in critical equipment and make your job easier and simpler.

If you are looking for the best automotive tools and equipment online, browse through our website moglix.com and get the best assortment of brands at an affordable price. 

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