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Bike checklist before you head on the road for a trip!

Excited for your bike trip, yet confused about what to carry along the way?

Here is the sum up list for your help. We have prepared a checklist for you to have a safe and comfortable trip. So you chill and read, we have researched for you.

Motorbike trips are always adventurous and lively. It is different than the car, train, or flight tour. Different in every aspect, it is fun, safe, and also dangerous. Motorcycle accidents are more prone to the risk of accidents. The survival rate in a bike accident is very low. Therefore, you need to carry all the essentials and accessories.

Long with you when you are heading off on a motorcycle trip.

Your motorbike tour checklist Checklist –

Here is a checklist for you-

#1 Motorcycle should be fit and fine-

Things to always check in your motorbike –
Tyre –

Always see if the tires are in a good condition. Old tires have a risk of tearing up or puncturing while riding the motorbike. Hence, always check the air levels and the quality and conditions of the tires.

Oiling –

Look for the fluids. Make sure the engine oil and brake oil are properly done before the trip or ride.

Electronics –

All the electronics should be all working. Like — Headlights, speedometer, horns, indicators, or any other electronics

Brakes –

Putting a brake on everything on time is always important. When you go on the road, riding the bike becomes the most important thing. As if it was a life or death point. Therefore, it’s very important to check that the brakes are working perfectly.

Chains –

The chain of the bike should be checked.

This checklist should always be checked at least 1 day before. So that you have time to make things right.

#2 For your safety-

Safety is an important factor to look for when you are planning any activity. When it comes to life and death, it’s the most important thing, precisely!

Some of the safety and equipment that you must have while you travel on a motorbike are mentioned below:
1.Helmet –

King of motorbike safety is a helmet!

In the previous blog, we have mentioned all the types and uses of helmets for motorcycles. Haven’t read that yet. Check now!

So now you see, you carry the helmet wherever you go by bike, whether it is 1000 km or 100m.

2.Protective gloves-

Protective gloves should always be worn for extra protection from weather dirt or any scratches or injury. It also provides you with extra grip for a stronghold.

Protective Gloves
3.Elbow and knee guards-

Precaution is better than cure, so protect your knees and elbows with guards.

Knee Guard
4.Jacket for a bike-

These come with shoulder and elbow guards and are made of thick materials. These are made for the protection of the skin in case of any crash or accident.

Jackets for Motorbike

These also provide comfort to the riders. They come with padding and spine support. It also gives you protection from various harsh weather conditions.

The plus point, this will give you a full feel and style. As it completes your rider’s look.

5.Riding shoes –

These protect ankles from twisting and from the impact of sudden objects. In case of accidents or a crash, the feet are more prone to twist or injuries.

Ridding Shoes

#3 Tools –

You should always carry a tool kit for emergencies of motorbikes break downs. The riders should carry the tools to repair the motorbike if any issue comes up while your ride. 

#4 Bike body cover-

Bike body cover is important for protecting the bike from dirt and weather while you chill and sleep on the tour.

Motorbike Covers

#5 Clothes and toiletries-

It’s always better to carry less luggage with you while traveling by motorbike. As your bike makes it uncomfortable and bulky. You can carry saddlebags for a comfortable trip by bike. These come in various shapes and sizes. So pack your clothes and toiletries all along.

#6 Other essentials-

Remember to carry your

  1. License 
  2. Ids 
  3. Money and some cash
  4. Camera
  5. Phone chargers 
  6. Maps (in case of loss of connectivity)\
  7. Insurance and papers 

#7 first aid kit-

It is important to always carry a first aid kit with you.

So roll it out on the roads!

 Go for trips to have that feeling of freedom from the mundanes of life. Roar out on the roads on motorbikes with safety and essentials. 

To enjoy the trio you need to pack right. If you are looking for your bike accessories and equipment, we have sorted out that too for you. Just visit www.moglix.com and get all your requirements with the best price, quality, and trends. All and everything under one stop. 

 Complete your checklist with Moglix and you can share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

Happy riding!

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