How to lose weight at home this 2021

Remember all those amendments and resolutions you make every new year, it’s that time of the year again. But this time let’s try to do it differently.

Dieting and striving yourself to get that fit and dream body isn’t gonna give you any benefit. There are a lot more things you should do to be healthier and lose weight. 

The idea is not to hurt yourself or crave yourself but to work and be patient with the results. 

In such a busy lifestyle we always promise ourselves to start the gym from Monday but that Monday and one day doesn’t come anyway.

So, what to do? how to have that perfect body you always wish to see in the mirror as you stand?

Do it home! Think we are joking? Naah!

You can actually lose weight at home and get that perfect fit body.

Here are few things you can do at home to lose weight and be fit-

1. Have a healthy diet –

Dieting isn’t the solution, proper diet is!

Have you ever heard of someone saying that you could lose weight just by dieting or only by working your strength out?

No, right! 

Instead, you should always have a proper and healthy diet. 

2.Do not skip meals  –

Never skip your meals. Maintain proper timings for the food intake for the day. It is important to have food four times a day. Just include healthy and nutrient food in your daily diet and see those extra calories rushing out of your system.

Lessen the sugar intake and say no to junk food.

3.Green tea- the magic portion

Start having green tea daily. Trust me it’s the best health drink for weight loss and a healthy body. According to the studies, green tea has antioxidants that help to burn fat and increase your metabolism for better digestion and weight loss.

After breakfast is the best time to have a cup of fresh green tea. As it is the time when metabolism is at the highest rate.

Try Healthkart Honey Lemon Slim Tea with Garcinia, Green Tea & Green Coffee Beans. It Increases the body’s natural fat-burning ability and facilitates weight loss.

4.Whey protein-

People who consume whey protein daily tend to munch on unhealthy food less. As whey protein helps you to feel fuller and highly satisfied. Hence, it is proven to help you with weight loss.

It is full of protein that reduces your fat and calorie intake. This is useful not only for the heavy workout but also for daily mild activities.

Get your whey protein from the best brand today!

5.Yoga in the morning is the mantra-

Every day is a fresh new start with the sun rising and birds chirping. It is the best time when your mind is well-rested and relaxed. Instead of going back to your bed wake up early and take out your yoga mats. 

Doing yoga in the morning boosts your metabolism that improves digestion and helps with absorbing carbs and fats quickly. 

6.Swimming –

A fun and effective way of weight loss is swimming. It is easy to go to a pool. These days every society and club has a swimming pool for sure. It is a great full-body workout, every move you make in the water against the water pressure affects a lot on your muscle and body. 

To order swimming kit and equipment check this out.

So go outswim your fat out!

7.Increase your daily activities – 

Start taking stairs instead of escalators and lift. Instead of just sitting and Netflix, do some work at home, mob the floor maybe play out with your dog. Do some new things activities. Walk wherever you can. Some things make a big difference.

8.Cardio and workout –

Weight loss is not as easy as a magic spell. You don’t just cast it and wallah! You are slim and fit. It does take movements and efforts. If you want fast weight loss at home then you should work out a bit. Put up that workout playlist and start doing cardio at home every day.

Here are some things you can do –

  • 20 min running: Go for a walk or jog for 20 minutes daily.
  • Cycling – Get a cycle, it is one of the fastest and guaranteed ways to lose weight fast.
  • Skipping – Skipping helps to burn calories fast and build those muscles on your calves and tighten all the loose fat. Skipping ropes should be your best friend in the process of losing weight.  get your skipping rope today.
  • Exercises you can do at home-

Sit-ups – The childhood punishments are present practices to help you with your fitness plan. Sit-ups are proven to help you with extra fat on your thighs and legs. So common relieve your childhood memories a bit! 

Squads – Get the fit shape and curves you always wanted just by doing squads daily. Start slow increase the number gradually.

10 Cheap and effective Exercise machines for home – 

  1. Exercise cycle- Get yourself a small gift of a flamingo exercise bicycle.
  2. Tummy Twister – Say bye to side bulges and tummy fat with tummy twister. 
  3. Dumbells – Practice some workout moves at home with dumbells and weights that increase the formation of muscles and reduction of fat to get you in shape fast.
  4. Stretch roller– Stretch a bit every day with the best and affordable stretch roller.
  5.  Aerobic stepper- Step up with an aerobic stepper is the best way to burn fat and lose weight fast. 
  6. Exercise ring hoop– Hoola hoop is fun and helps you to gain flexibility and burn that extra fat off.
  7. Chest expander– Workout on your arms and chest.
  8. Exercise bands – You can do several easy exercises using exercise bands.
  9. Punching bag – Boxing is also a great way to shed off the extra fat and build your muscle and strength.
  10. Tummy trimmer –  Best way to cut and trim those fat and get those 6 pack abs out of the family pack.

Other than this one big thing that will help you lose weight and be motivated is to cut down the “stress.” Be happy it’s the mantra for every new start.

Get your fitness equipment and supplements today to get that great body you dreamt of without much hassle. Check out to get all the products you need. Stay fit stay happy!


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