Projectors: Things you need to know

You may recall, over the last few years, the use of projectors in home theatre systems is gaining stellar momentum. Movies were for movie theaters and TV shows were for televisions. 

There’s something to be said about the value of projectors over big -screen TVs as well.

Herein, we will discuss using projectors in home theatre systems.

Projectors  are better than television 

 A projector can give you a cinema-like experience at home but should you choose one over a big-screen TV?

Both options have their pros and cons, let us guide you which is best?

There are specific scenarios where one would be better than the other.

  If you are a movie lover or a gaming enthusiast who loves that big-screen surround-sound experience, then a projector is your best option. A projector setup can bring a theatre experience to your home. Additionally, watching from a projection screen causes lesser strain on the eyes as the light reflection is not as strong as a flat-panel television screen.

Maintaining a projector setup is expensive

Long Lamp Life

 Many people  believe that projector lamps have a limited lifespan and need regular replacement. This is just not true! Many projectors from leading brands offer a lamp life of up to 2,000 hours. In fact, the newer laser projectors are capable of delivering a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours. Hence, they are capable of displaying various screen sizes ranging from 100″ up to 300″ or even more.

Good picture quality with more lumens is always the best

 Projector  sizes can be varied according to your requirement. 

If you opt for an outdoor purpose projector than a projector with more lumens is always the best.

That means the more the lumens, the bigger the produced image size.

In order words, if you want your projector to produce bright images, your projector should be higher in lumens.

A projector-setup needs a dedicated dark room

The darker the room , the better picture quality

 Projector technology has come a long way. Modern home theatre projectors offer a white and colour brightness of 3,400 lumens or more.  Even with a TV-based setup, you need to draw the curtains/blinds to avoid glare, especially while watching movies.

Projectors are  the smart choice

Projectors are a hassle to use .It comes with the latest  display technologies with smart integrated technologies. It can easily connect to your smart devices via Wi-Fi Android devices, to enjoy and share HD quality content from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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