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Tips on Choosing the Correct Spanner or Wrench Set

When you plan to buy a spanner or wrench set, a number of questions come to your mind, including the quality and right size. Selecting a wrong tool may damage the nuts.

A wrench is the most common tool used for gripping and loosening nuts and bolts. For all sizes of nuts and bolts, there are different types of spanners available that fit perfectly to do their job. Due to the wide range of spanners available online, most of the people find it difficult to choose the right one. Read this blog to understand the types of spanners and how you can choose the right one for the job.

Different Types of Spanners for Different Use

There are several types of wrenches available in the market these days that have an altogether different use. -. Here are some common and widely used spanners.

Open-end Wrench

It is the most handful tool and is commonly seen in people’s toolbox. It’s both or one end is C-shaped. The open-end wrench is available in different sizes.-It allows applying torque pressure in either direction. While using the open-end spanner, you need to change its position after every turn. It is best for narrow spaces where you only have access to a side of the nut.

Ring Spanner or Box-end Wrench

A ring spanner provides more control over the torque. If you place a wrench over the nut, it does not slip off and does its job without having to remove it from the nut. Its opening fit six-sided nuts and bolts very easily. It provides great flexibility in handle positioning when fitting the wrench head over the nut or bolt. Some of the ring spanners come with offset handles, thereby, reducing the risk of rubbing knuckles when tightening nuts on the flat surfaces.

Combination Spanner

A Combination spanner or wrench is the amalgamation of both open-end and ring. A combination spanner has the same head size on both ends so you can flip the wrench around while you work, it’s both ends will fit the same nut. It is best for automotive use.

Adjustable Spanner

If you are planning to buy only one wrench, adjustable wrench will be the best option for you, as you can use it on different size of nuts and bolts. These wrenches are versatile and require extra care during use. While using this wrench, you should always pull the handle of the wrench towards you rather than pushing it away. Also, rotate the spanner’s adjustment screw in order to clamp the wrench jaws as tightly as possible around the nut, and re-adjust when required. It is best used in plumbing.

Ratchet Spanner

Ratcheting spanner resembles the ring spanner; however, its function is completely different. It allows tightening or loosening of the nut by just pulling the handle in one direction or by simply moving the handle back and forth Also, you are not required to reposition it after every turn. This spanner can be used in every situation and quickens your task.

Tips for Buying a Spanner or Wrench

By now, it is clear that wrenches are very important in the automotive sector or at home, they need to be of good quality. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right spanner for any task. Along with the obvious choice of its size, there are a few other things that need proper consideration.


The length makes a huge difference in how much force can be applied to the fastener. A longer wrench has the ability to create greater torque i.e. turning force and; hence, is better for larger or stiffer nuts.

Profile of Spanner

The profile of a spanner affects the stability of the connection between the spanner and nut. Profile that makes more contact with the nut like ring spanners has less probability of slipping in comparison to the one that only contacts a few sides of nuts.

Thickness and Wideness of Its Head

The thicker and wider the head is, the stronger it will be. Thick heads and shafts provide more strength to the wrench and provide better contact with the nut, which means that the nuts will turn easily and the possibility of them getting damaged during the process decreases. On the other hand, wider heads don’t fit small spaces.

The Material of Spanner

The material of a spanner affects its quality. Spanners or wrenches made from titanium or steel with a high percentage of vanadium (approx. up to 1%) are of the best quality and can last for a lifetime.

These are the few tips which can help you to select the correct spanner as per your requirement. If you are looking for spanner for DIY or professional use, you can check our website moglix.com. We offer an assorted range of spanners, wrenches at competitive prices.

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