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10 examples of creative healthcare for this winter

 The scorching heat of long summer days is over and now the cold long nights of winter are here. Winter brings in a sense of warmth, good food, and cuddling up in the cozy warmth of your blankets. It is also a season for eating and sitting near the fire, but there are 10 ways   one should follow to remain fit and healthy during this time and not suffer the after-effects of winter blues.

  • Winter is the time to eat and enjoy. So, eating healthy cuisine with a vast variety of  delightful dishes to choose from,  will keep you satiated and happy.  Eat a well-balanced diet including whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables , which are essential to boost the immune system.
  •  Eat Nutritious food to keep you warm  in cold weather. Look for food that’s high in healthy fats, proteins , carbohydrates and have high calorific value.  Eg. Bananas ,  Ginger Tea, Oat,  drink coffee , eat sweet potatoes and many more nutritious foods.
  • Try to do some exercises to keep your body and joints supple and active.
  • Eat your food early, so that it doesn’t affect your digestive system. 
  • In winters we sleep for longer periods. So we need to form a schedule to prioritize our tasks and start getting up early as the sun rises. Therefore as days get shorter, shift your sleep routine towards going to bed earlier and to allow your body more hours to rest and repair. Keep exercising and  physically active during the winter to strengthen mental health and physical immunity. Keep your body warm and physically active during the winter to boost your mental  health and physical immunity. 


  • Lots of fruits eg. Apple, Citrus fruits, dates, sweet potatoes and vegetables  eg. Dark, Leafy greens ,beet roots, carrots and radishes are available during winters. So make the best of it. Intake of Vitamin -C  will help us to boost immunity.   
  • Stay hydrated in  winter. As it would help to prevent  dehydration. 
  • While Planning a vacation, keep  warm clothes  and check with your doctor. 
  • Winter affects your skin and robs it off its moisture. Drying up your skin special care should be taken. To keep your skin hydrated and well moisturized. 
  • Vitamin-D is essential for your bone.Vitamin -D has to be absorbed with certain things. Take a regular doze of calcium. Winter is the time to take the maximum use of the sun. See out of the sun as long as you can .So that your body absorbs or its warmth and energy.And you get lot of Vitamin-D. 

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