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Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes that Everyone Do

The life-span of a building’s concrete flooring depends on its maintenance. Its maintenance can be done by using two methods, polishing and grinding. These methods can keep your floor in perfect condition. While polishing concrete, surface preparation where the majority of work takes place is very important. But many times, people often make mistakes while polishing and grinding the floor and end up damaging it or gets injured. In this article, we have covered some of the mistakes that workers and contractors do while polishing and grinding the concrete floors.


Selecting the Incorrect Bond: Contractors usually don’t know which type of bond diamonds are suitable for their floor grinding. For selecting the proper tool for a job, you can follow ‘Rule of Thumb’. It means soft concrete needs hard bond diamonds and hard concrete requires soft bond diamonds. You can understand it as:

Soft Concrete = Hard Bond Diamonds

Medium Concrete = Medium Bond Diamonds

Hard Concrete = Soft Bond Diamonds

Very Hard Concrete = Extra Soft Diamonds

While selecting a bond diamond, make sure the diamonds do not cut often due to heating up and glazing over.


Running Grinder Unnecessarily Fast: It might be easy to run the grinder at its maximum speed. But this extra friction is not sufficient to remove enough material. By reducing the speed of the grinder, the friction can be managed and it increases the amount of material being removed. To get the perfect result, the operator should find the perfect spot between floor hardness, diamond hardness, and grinding RPM. 


Going for Lowest Price Bond Diamonds: When it comes to diamond tooling, the lowest price is not always an indicator of quality. So, make sure that the price is not the only criteria to purchase these diamond bonds.

Poor quality diamond bonds wear faster and inconsistently. They can scratch the floor and perform poorly.  

Buy these tools from a trusted vendor. It will save your time and money in the long run. 


Not Inspecting the Floor Before Grinding: From steel, brass to glass, a metal bond diamond can grind anything as long as the floor is good to work with. The material of the floor should not be raised above its surface. So, make sure you inspect the floor before working on it. If you do not inspect it and deal with material above the surface, you will most likely knock your diamond segment off or can do a lot of damage to the machine. 


Using Wrong Equipment and Power Source: Just like other appliances, the correct power source is important to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. While grinding concrete outdoors, you will be required to have an engine-powered grinder because electric-powered won’t work in a location with no electric outlets. These electric powered machines are fine for the indoor location as long as the correct power source is available. 

It is important that the power source can support the machine. Otherwise, you can risk serious damage to the machine.


Perform Operations Wrong: Grinding and polishing both require specific movements. It is a bit difficult to achieve an even finish. Grinding requires smooth, repetitive, back and forth motions to achieve the perfect result. People often make this mistake while working as they work on a single spot for too long which results in damaging the equipment.

Now, after reading these common mistakes, you can know your flaws while grinding and polishing floors. Don’t allow the complexities of working with concrete flooring overwhelm you. Just use your skills and you will get the perfect results. 

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