Everything You Need to Know About Scanners

What is a Scanner?

A scanner is one of the most useful and underutilized machines. For a small business, a small shop or a home office, modern scanners are necessary equipment as they can help you scan your documents and convert them into digital form. 

Most of the home-use printers come with built-in scanners, many people have them at their homes but they don’t have the proper idea about how to use them. Thus, it is important to get an understanding of their usage to utilize them perfectly. 

Different Types of Scanners

You can find different types of scanners in the market that are appropriate for various applications. Choosing the right one depending upon your needs can be daunting. However, filtering the scanners based on their types can ease your choosing process. So, for your help, below are top quality scanners that are categorized based on their applications.

Flatbed Scanners: These scanners work like duplicate machines and are commonly used in homes and offices. These can examine the material for both thin and thick paper sheets, whether it is a single sheet or a thick book or a magazine. To scan paper, you just need to place it on the glass plate and press the right button and let the scanning begin. These flatbed scanners can scan any number of documents with a click on the button.

Flatbed Scanner
Flatbed Scanner

Photo Scanners: These scanners are designed as high determination picture processors. Photo scanners can examine photo negatives and create superb photograph enlargements. 

Photograph Scanner
Photograph Scanner

Sheet Feed Scanners: These types of scanners work as a flatbed scanner except the way of feeding the image. The image is fed through the scanner and moves along the beam to be read rather than moving. These scanners are made for single sheets and not for books. 

Sheet Feed Scanner
Sheet Feed Scanner

Portable Scanners: Portable scanners are designed to capture text and other data in one go. These are powered by batteries. After scanning the text, the content is stored in the scanner itself. You can easily transfer the data to your computer with a cable or wireless connection once you reach your home or office.

Portable Scanner
Portable Scanner

Drum Scanners: These types of scanners are mainly used for capturing a picture and converting them at a very high-resolution rate. Mostly used by illustrations experts, the printing business, and instructive organizations, these scanners are considered as a tremendous upgrade to a regular flatbed scanner.

Drum Scanner
Drum Scanner

Things to Consider while Selecting a Scanner

Check out the scanner features mentioned below to get the best one for you and enjoy their benefits.

Format: Format means one of the specifications of the document and what size you want to scan. Understand your need and then go for the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Resolution: If the sweep determination of the scanner is high, you can catch more details from the documents and pictures in seconds. For the text and other content, 200 pixels for every inch (PPI) is adequate. However, for pictures, a 300 PPI scanner is standard. 

Compatibility: Before purchasing the scanner, make sure that it is compatible with your system and software.

Capacity: The capacity of the scanner should be good and one of the fundamental requirements you need to focus on. If the capacity of your scanner is more, you can scan more documents in less time.

Speed: The speed of the scanner is measured in pages per moment (ppm). Check if the scanner is capable of producing more scanned documents per moment. It would increase your productivity. 

Duplex Scanning: When you can scan both sides of the sheet, it is known as double-sided scanning. It is the basic among the desktop scanner and a must-have feature for the users. 

Duty Cycle: It is known as how many pages per day a scanner is designed to handle. Buy the one that has more duty cycles so that you can increase the number of scanning. 

Advantages of Using a Good Scanner

Scanners have become a requirement for the people in homes and offices. Be it to scan documents or projects, the importance of the scanner cannot be denied. Here are some of the advantages of these scanners that you must know before getting one:

  • By scanning a document, you can save a copy on your laptop or computer and have access to it anywhere you go.
  • Scanners help in reducing the dependency on paper.  Just scan the document and produce multiple soft copies for further distribution.
  • The scanners help to streamline the process and overall working of the office.
  • It helps you keep your documents safe by converting them into a digital form so that you can save them on your laptop or desktop. 

This is the information that you must know before purchasing a scanner for yourself. Understand the importance of a scanner and get one for yourself that can fulfill your requirements. 

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