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Essential tools for Toolbox

Buying Guide for Essential Tools for Your Toolbox

You may have many tools in your toolbox that you frequently use in your daily life. These hand tools help you in the processes like the home decoration, house or office maintenance, car repair, landscaping, and more and save a lot of money. 

One of the keys to save money with these tools is to maintain a well-stocked toolbox. However, you would not want to stock every available tool at the hardware store. Hence, the wiser choice would be to spend money on a few really good tools that you can use for other purposes as well. 

Tools that Should be in Every Basic Toolbox

As per many experts, there are certain tools that every person needs. These basic tools are:

  • A hammer 
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A screwdriver set
  • A Handsaw
  • A Drill Machine
  • Pliers
  • A Tape Measure

Let’s have a look at these important tools on which you should invest and save money in the long run. 



Without a hammer, a nail is of no use. Most of the hammers have a claw at the opposite of the head. You can use one end to drive in nails and the other to pry them out. Hammer can also be used for any job that requires a good whack, like breaking up a plaster wall or banging framing lumber into place. 

One of the most versatile types of hammer is a 16-ounce hammer with a smooth head and a curved claw. This can be used for both delicate jobs, like driving nails for hanging pictures, and more heavy-duty ones, like repairing a deck. Its curved claw makes pulling nails easier. 



There are a number of things at home and office that are attached with screws. They hold together furniture and lamps, connect doors, outlet covers, and many more. So, whenever you would need to fix any of these things, you will need a screwdriver to remove the screws and put them back again. This is one tool in your toolbox that you would need more frequently. 

Screws are of two basic types: flat-head, with a single slot in the top and Philips, with a small cross in the middle. To work with them you need both a Philips and a flat-head screwdriver. For different works, you would require different types of screwdrivers. 

Buying Tip: You can buy a single multi-bit screwdriver. It has just one handle with an assortment of bits that you can swap in as needed. 

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrench

Many things are connected with nuts and bolts. To tighten and loosen those bolts, you need a wrench. The best option is an adjustable wrench that does the job best because it can alter its size to grasp on nuts of different sizes. 

You should buy two wrenches of different lengths – a small six-inch wrench that fits into tight spaces, and a 10-inch wrench that gives you more leverage for loosening tight bolts.  

Buying Tip: You can also buy just one eight-inch wrench with a wide jaw opening and a comfortable handle. You can set its size as per your requirement. 


Handsaw, hacksaw

It is a toothed cutting blade attached to a handle. It is very useful for making cuts in wood and is faster and simpler to use than a power saw. It is an ideal product for building a treehouse or any other carpentry work. 

Saws are of three types. The traditional western saw that has a two-foot blade that tapers from base to tip and cuts as you push forward through the board. Another one is a Japanese pull saw that has a straight blade that cuts when you pull through the wood. Pruning saws also cut on the pull stroke, but they have a narrow blade that folds up for storage. 

Buying Tip: While buying a saw, it is important to consider the number of teeth per inch. Six to eight teeth per inch work best for rip cuts, made with the grain of the wood. Eight to 12 teeth per inch are better for crosscuts. 

You can also go for a replaceable blade, that way you don’t have to replace the whole saw if the blade gets damaged. 



Whenever doing any job, you need to grasp onto something so you can pull or turn it. If you try grabbing it with your fingers, it is not the correct way as you will not have enough force to pull it out. 

That is where a pair of pliers comes handy. It has metal teeth on one end to grip onto an object and long handles on the other end to give you leverage as you pull. Pliers can be used for loosening nuts, pulling out nails, removing plumbing fixtures, pinching wires, etc. 

There are several types of pliers, designed for different jobs. One is locking pliers, that are sometimes called by the brand name Vise-grips. These pliers have adjustable jaws that you can resize to fit a nut or other fixture. These are ideal for jobs that require a lot of force, like removing a rusted bolt or a stripped screw. 

Another is needle-nose pliers that have long, narrow tips that can get into tight spaces. These pliers are crucial for electrical work but are also perfect for getting a good grip. You can also use these pliers to repair jewelry, hold a nail in place while hammering and more.

Tape Measure

Measure Tape

Every work needs accurate measurements, and for that, you need a good tape measure. It is one of the most-used tools at any job site. 

One of the best tape measures is locking and retracting tape measure. You can use the tape steadily without having to hold it down. 

Buying Tip: While buying a measurement tape, make sure that it is sturdy and the locking lever is easy to use with one hand. Also, ensure that the metal hook on the end of the tape is large enough to grip firmly. 



An electric drill is one of the most useful power tools that you can own. You can use it to make holes of all sizes, you can drill pilot holes for starting screws or larger holes for running wires. 

Buying Tip: It is better that you choose cordless drills, as they are not only useful but also a lot easier to use. The drills are small and light, but powerful enough for most of the tasks. 

As you work more, you can expand your toolkit as well. If you own a painting shop you can add brushes and rollers to your workshop. For woodworking, you might need a miter saw, clamps, etc. 

However, any tool beyond the basics is worth buying only if you are going to use it regularly. Spend the money on a tool that is a must-have for you and you will use it on a daily basis. 

So, buy these tools online at Moglix and make your job easier. 

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