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All You Need to Know About Chop Saw Wheels

Chop Saw Wheels are a common sight in every construction industry. If you are a construction worker, you may have been using cutting wheels in your regular life. It is very important to know everything about the tool that you are using in your daily life. So, here, you can read everything necessary to understand the machine for its smooth working.

Chop Saw Wheels are the power tools that are used to cut materials such as metal, tiles, concrete, etc. They are also known as the Grinding Wheels, Cut Off Wheels, and Abrasive Saw. the machine is usually comprised of a thin circular saw blade known as an abrasive saw. To ensure a good quality cut and make your Cut Off Wheel long last, you may consider these points below:

Understand the Application First: Before working with the grinding or cutting wheel, you must know its application. What material are you going to cut? What would be its size or shape? What kind of finish do you want on the cut? These are some factors that you should consider before working on the tool. The applications of the different cutting wheels are different. So, after observing all these aspects, you should start working.

Pay Attention to Abrasive Wheel: For the different kinds of materials, different kinds of abrasive saws are required. Usually, the metal saw blades are used in various woodworking jobs, while Abrasive Saw Wheels can be used for many formulations. The cutting disc can be comprised of many materials such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia, etc. These materials have their specific uses. For cutting mild steel, aluminum oxide wheels are used. Silicon carbide wheels are ideal for glass, tungsten, and ceramic cutting. So, you should focus on the type of material used in manufacturing the wheels and your requirements of the blade.

Determine the Correct Speed: The cutting speed is one of the most important factors while using the Abrasive Saw Wheels. When the wheels are in frequent use, their speed may get affected. Also, after repairing or replacing the motor, the speed may become a problem. So, it is always recommended to have proper knowledge of the Cut Off Wheels’ speed while working.

Focus on Other Factors Too: Along with the above factors, you should also observe the coolant and controlled down-feed of the Abrasive Wheel. The cutting is of two types, dry and wet. The range of dry cutting is 12,000 SFPM, while 8,000 SFPM for the wet cutting. Most of the companies prefer a wet saw with the combination of some kind of power down-feed. To drench the cut, a wet saw provides a coolant stream that lubricates the abrasion process. It gives smooth finishing too.

Position of Workpiece: Whether you are cutting a single piece of an object or a bundle, it is necessary to place the workpiece correctly. The wheel should touch the leading top edge of the object. To get a fine cut, the rotation of the wheel must be in the correct direction. The contact of the wheel and object must be perfect in order to get the perfect cut.

Once, you follow all the aspects mentioned above, it will be easier for you to work with the Chop Saw Wheels.

Things to Do and Not to Do with Chop Saw Wheels

These grinding and cutting wheels are a bit tricky to handle. You should take care of some factors while operating these wheels. With the help of the dos and don’ts list, you can understand how you can prevent the tool from being broken or getting yourself hurt.


  • To avoid any kind of injury, always check the wheel before using it.
  • There should be no crack or damage on the wheel.
  • Use the Chop Saw Wheels only on the chop saw machines.
  • Use these cutting wheels only on the relevant material products.
  • Always store and handle the Cut Off Wheels in a careful manner.


  • Do not twist, pinch, cramp or exert pressure on the side of the wheel.
  • Never remove the tool’s guard.
  • Don’t put excessive downward pressure on these wheels.
  • Don’t use it on the machines which don’t have the proper wheel guard.
  • Don’t damage the side of the wheels.

The above-mentioned information is necessary for your safety and also the safety of others around you. To buy the best Cut Off Wheels at the best price, do visit the Moglix website.

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