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Choosing the Right Glucometer!

Deemed as a chronic disease, Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body lacks the capability to effectively use the insulin produced. Insulin is a hormone which helps in regulating blood sugar. Some of the most common effects of uncontrolled diabetes are Hyperglycaemia, or raised blood sugar, which, if not dealt with at an early stage might lead to serious damage to many of the body systems. Specifically the nerves and blood vessels.

According to a recent research conducted by WHO, 8.5% of adults aged 18 years and older suffered from diabetes; in 2015, diabetes was the direct cause of 1.6 million deaths, with high blood glucose being reason behind another 2.2 million deaths.

Sheer negligence on the part of the patient, not knowing the symptoms of the disease and restricted access to health services and proper guidance, nurtures diabetes to be a dicey menace in an individual’s life, this is when a blood sugar reader, more commonly known as a glucometer comes into picture!

One of the most valuable tools that a diabetic can have at-home, a glucometer is a handheld device which helps in tracking, and monitoring the amount of glucose in blood, facilitating accurate determination of the right food for consumption, effective medication and the amount of insulin that should be injected in order to balance out the odds. However, choosing the right glucometer, and properly using it at home can simplify diabetic care to a great extent.

Although there are many glucometers available, you need to keep in mind some important points before choosing the right glucometer.

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Both the strips and the glucometer should be comfortable and ergonomic enough to handle and test for all age groups. The kit should be user-friendly, and should come with a proper storage.

Accuracy rate

The glucometer should be adept in calculating the exact values, with scope for error lying within the prescribed range. A non-accuracy of about 20% is permissible.

Information storage and retrieval

A track of each test, its result, along with date and time of the day can help in maintaining a log of the readings.

Easily visible

A large display with legible font size that is backlit, in addition to an illuminated test strip port are some of the additional features to make a device easy to be seen even in inappropriate light conditions.

Size and portability

The size of the glucometer should be such that it fits easily in the pocket, and should offer great convenience when transporting from one place to another.

India, being the diabetes capital of the world, has a huge challenge to face. It is high-time that we all spread awareness about its effects, causes and methods of constant and regular monitoring and control. Therefore, choose the best glucometer here from Moglix and combat diabetes with great ease.

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