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Water shortage is one of the most common problems in our country. This is due to scattered rainfall and uneven presence of water sources like rivers, ponds, wells, etc. Due to this, our dependability on groundwater has increased multifold. Groundwater has become important and can be supplied to houses, industries, and farmlands. In order to extract water from the earth, we use a number of tools, submersible pumps being one of them. It would not be wrong to say that submersible pumps hold the best place when it comes to unearthing the ground for water.

These pumps are hydraulic machines that are designed to push water to the surface. The impeller in the pump spins to draw water. Then this water is pushed through the pump and brought the surface. These pumps are completely submerged in water and are sealed. Submersible well pumps are mainly used in irrigation, firefighting systems, water and deep well drilling, houses, industries, sewage handling systems and more.

How Submersible Pumps Works?

Submersible water pumps have an AC electric motor, impeller, diffuser, cable guard, submersible electric cable. These pumps are placed in a borehole dugged in the earth and are connected to the electrical supply for operation. They lift water to a ground level by converting the rotary energy of the impeller into the kinetic energy of water. Water is sucked into the pump where it is pushed by the impeller through a diffuser.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Buying a Submersible Pump

No matter if you are buying a submersible pump online or from your nearest retail store, it is important to consider some important factors. Whether you are buying it for your farmland or for any industrial purpose, make sure that you are investing in the right pump. Below are a few factors to consider before the submersible pump.

Flow Rate– Flow rate is the time taken by a water pump to pump a specific amount of water, mostly measured in liters per minute. If you are purchasing a submersible water pump for industrial use or farms, choose a pump that has the ability to pump over 2500 liters of water per minute. However, if you are purchasing it for your home, a pump with a flow rate of between 100-200 liters per minute will serve the purpose.

Bore Well Size– It is the diameter of the borehole that where the submersible pump can be placed. You can opt for the pump with lesser outer diameter size than the bore well size, but not the vice-versa, as it will not fit in the bore well.

Head and Pressure It is the height to which a pump can lift water. Depending on the size of your house or farm and the water table in your area, you should choose the best pump. The total head is the distance between the depth of the ground where the pump is placed and the height of the storage tank and is generally measured in ft. or meter. The type of pump that you choose should have the head more than you intend to pump the water.

Outlet/Delivery Size It is the diameter of the pipe through which water is pushed through the pump set. It should match the size of the pipe connected to the storage tanks. It is generally measured in inches and mm.

Discharge Rate– It is the rate of the amount of water per minute. If your water requirements are huge, it is better to choose a pump with better discharge rate. It is measured in liter/minute or hour.

Cooling System– Submersible well pumps come with both oil-filled and water filled motors. In a water-filled motor, the coolant is water and can be refilled over and over again; however, in an oil filled motor, coolant cannot be replenished, which increases the chances of damage. This is why oil filled variants are cheaper than water ones.

The Quality of Pump and Material of Construction– Material does not affect the performance or application of a pump. But if you are looking for a pump that has a longer life, go for the pumps with Noryl impeller and CI motor body. Also, the first thing to consider is the brand of the water pump. The engine or motor can also tell you the quality of the pump. Do the necessary research before buying a submersible pump and read online customer reviews


These are a few factors that can help you select the best submersible pump. However, if you are planning to buy a submersible pump online, you can browse through our website and check the best assortment of brands like Kirloskar, V-Guard, Sameer, Crompton, CRI and many more.

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