Tips to Buy a Pen

We often use Pens in our day to day lives. Though the laptops and desktops have overtaken the market; However, the use of pens have not become obsolete. Pens are still immensely popular for short meeting or quick-to-take notes.

So, if you are purchasing Pens for yourself, your office employees or customers of your stationery shop, the below mentioned buying tips can help you a great deal.

Consider the Type of Writing: For different types of writing, different types of Pens are used. However, the common quality that all Pens should possess is the ability to write in bolder shading and distinguished colors. Ink in the pen should be of good quality so that the font is readable and prominent. Writers often face the difficulty of turning the page due to blot ink, so the ink should not take long to dry.

Construction Quality: Another thing that is important is the quality of the material used in a pen. They should be made of good kinds of metal or plastic. The writing sphere of a Pen should be made up of steel, tungsten or brass. The ink cartridge is also an important factor to consider. Therefore, it would be better if it is manufactured with brass or aluminium. For making the push button, cap or other parts, vinyl resins or thermosetting plastic could be used. Overall, the construction should be solid and durable, yet soft and smooth.

Color Variation: Pens are not just used for simple writing. They are also useful in drawing, calligraphy, painting and making a presentation. For these kinds of tasks, people use Pens in varied colors such as green, orange, red, blue, black, etc. There are also Pens available in the market that have aluminium sparkle ink. They can be used for making design and text flashier.

Smear Proof: The Pens must be smudge proof. It means that the ink of Pens must not tend to smear. There are many costly Pens in the market that do not have this quality. They leave stains or smears on bags and pockets. So, while purchasing Pens, make sure that they don’t leave smear marks. To do so, you can check feedbacks and reviews online. They can actually help you make the right choice.

Feasible for Marketing: There are various companies which imprint their brand name on the Pens. So, it would be very beneficial to buy a Pen that can be used for promotional stuff. They should have enough space on the barrel so that the company name/ brand name or logo of the company can be imprinted. The promotional content Pens are often used by many organizations. So, it would be easier to make a profit with these Pens.

These are the five tips that can be considered at the time of purchasing Pens. Also, refer to the best brands available online such as Add Gel, Camlin, Cello, Classmate, Franklin Covey, Natraj, Parker, Pilot, Reynolds, Rotomac, etc. Visit to buy reliable and durable Pens online. Also, get exciting offers on Pens.

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