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Exclusive: Moglix Introducing Ayurvedic Medicine Range

Where Nature Meets Health

Ayurvedic medicines are helping a million of people from ancient times. It is a 5000 years old therapy which makes people healthier. It finds the root of the disease and eliminates it from the body. The ayurvedic medicines harmonize the body, mind, and spirit so that people do not require any other prescribed drugs. These medicines mainly focus on the doshas i.e. Vatha, Pitta and Kapha. It does not harm your body at all. It makes you healthy, it reduces stress and gives you glowing skin. Believing in the importance of ayurvedic medicines, Moglix has taken a foot forward.

Presenting AIMIL Pharmaceuticals

Moglix is now partnered with AIMIL Pharmaceuticals and proudly presents the new range of Ayurvedic Medicines. AIMIL Pharmaceuticals believes in improving the health of every individual naturally by providing medicines based on ancient ayurvedic wisdom and ultra-modern scientific approach. AIMIL Pharmaceuticals is giving quality health care products from the past 34 years. Its products are made by trusted doctors and are enriched with herbal extracts.

Other Medical Supplies at Moglix

In addition to ayurvedic medicine, Moglix has a vast range of other essential medical supplies required at hospitals, clinics or home, such as

Mobility Aids: There are various people who are depending on others for walking, sitting, etc. They are majorly the old and the differentially abled. So, with the help of these mobility aids, they would not require the support of others and they can live their lives with dignity.

Medical Consumables: To provide the total health care to the patients, the hospitals and clinics must have the medical consumables. It includes the hot water bottles, test strips, and accessories, suction tubes and bedsheets and towels.

First Aid and Wound Care: It is necessary to have a first aid kit at your offices and homes. At the time of any kind of emergency, it is essential to provide first aid care. The kit usually has antiseptic creams and lotions, bandages, gloves, scissors, thermometers, pain killers, etc.

Diagnostic Instruments: We also have a collection of devices for medical diagnostics. They are useful in the proper check-up of the body. It possesses Blood Pressure Monitors, Glucometers, Stethoscope, Pulse Oximeters, Electrotherapy Products, etc.

Physiotherapy Aids: It is highly recommended for those who suffer from injuries and other medical conditions. Generally, they are used in muscular pain, sports injuries, tissue pan, etc.

Body Weighing Scales: To monitor the health of the patient, the body weighing scales are necessary.

Surgical Instruments: These are the types of equipment which are useful for the operation room. It contains Surgical Knives, Surgical Needles, Surgical Retractors, Scissors, etc.

You can browse through Moglix for exclusive offers on the Medical Supplies.

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