Guide to Choose the Right Power Screwdriver

A power screwdriver is an essential tool. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct screwdriver that can make your work easy. You can find various brands and different types of screwdrivers in the market; but what decides on what power screwdriver suits you best is your job and the type of work you intend to do.  Each power screwdriver is made with certain qualities that make work easier in each area of work.

When buying a power screwdriver, take time and check for certain aspects like torque, speed, power, screwdriver bits, and more. Look for one that fulfills all your requirements and fits into your job. For your help, we are providing a brief description of these aspects that can help you in making your decision.


As compared to raw power, torque control is more important for power screwdriver applications. Manufacturers often go for a high torque screwdriver that makes their work more efficient and easy. 

Torque is expressed in Newton-meters (Nm) in metric or feet-pounds (ft-lb) in imperial. These screwdrivers cap out at 20 Nm for more powerful models.


Speed is another area for these tools that lets you be more productive. Manufacturers often opt for a power screwdriver with higher rotations per minute (RPM). The higher the RPM of your screwdriver, the faster it can drive screws.


Power is described in voltage for these screwdrivers. These tools can put out more torque with higher voltage. Many general-purpose screwdrivers come in 5-volt range and are ideal for light and medium-duty tasks. 

To compare corded electrics, look at their wattage. A high watt corded power screwdriver has a more powerful electric motor and more torque.

Number of Clutch Positions:

When a screw is driven-in tight enough, a clutch on a power screwdriver disengages the torque. Rich clutch setting lets you drive in screws consistently, from finger point to the head of the screw. 

More clutch positions can fine-tune the maximum torque that your power screwdriver can exert. This feature makes it easier to work with electronics and wood. 

Screwdriver Bits:

Without the right screw bits, you cannot use your power screwdriver. Although most people tend to have a lot of them, it is crucial to organize these bits in a good way. These bit sets come with 40 attachments and more. A typical set of screw bits include one or more of the following:

1. Philips Head: PH0 covers most small machine screws on electronics while PH1 and PH2 cover when it comes to wood screws and bigger machine screws. 

2. Torx Screws: Also known as star screws. You can find them in cars, electronics, and computers.

3. Slot Screws: You can find these classic screw head types just about anywhere. These bits set carry at least 2 slot head bit sizes. 

4. Hex Socket: Also known as Allen slots, these screws typically come with some of the larger sets around nine pipes and more.

These are some important factors that a buyer should take care of while buying a power screwdriver. If you are planning to buy a power screwdriver, visit It is an online platform that offers the best industrial products from the best of the brands at an affordable price. 

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