Types and features of medical beds

It is impractical to picture a medicinal facility without hospital beds. There is a numberless amount of hospital beds offered in the market and you got to choose the type that best matches your needs

 There are 3 types of Medical Beds:

Manual Beds: these types have hand levers that are used for raising and lowering both sides of the bed along with a lever to regulate the height of the bed. These beds are the most inexpensive and a good choice for those people who do not require regular relocation. Adjusting the bed requires an individual that is physically capable to operate the lever as it requires force to adjust the manual bed.

Semi-Electric Beds: these types of beds consist of an electric motor used for raising and lowering both sides of the bed. I can be easily adjusted by the nurse or even by the patients themselves via remote buttons fitted on the beds, as it is a semi-electric bed so the height is still having to be adjusted manually through the hand lever by rotating the lever clockwise with the help of a caretaker. These types of beds are ideal for people who do not require frequent height adjustments as the raising and lowering can be handled very easily by just pushing the buttons.

Fully Electric Beds: these types of beds are very easily adjustable as the patient itself can control the bed by just pushing the buttons as it does not require any hand lever to operate although you may need the hand lever if a power-cut occurs. However, some fully electric beds come with a back- up power that helps in such emergency situations. Some fully electric beds have many different adjustable positions such as the Trendelenburg position and the cardiac chair position.

  • Trendelenburg position: this position is when the patient is lying on his back and the base of the bed is tilted so the feet side of the bed can be higher than the head side of the bed by 15 to 30 degrees.

Trendelenburg position is used during the lower abdominal surgeries as well as gynecological, and genitourinary procedures

  • Reverse Trendelenburg (anti-Trendelenburg) position: this position is the same as the Trendelenburg position just this time the head level is above the level of feet at the same 15 to 30 degrees. This reverse position is helpful for pressure relief and breathing. 

There are many types of designs and models available in the market with different specifications like:

1, Fowler/ Ward Beds- Fowler beds are ergonomically designed, four-section perforated beds used for knee rest and backrest purposes. These beds are operated through levers or electric motors, these beds have foldable side rails and head and footboards that ensure patients safety 

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2. Function Medical Bed– These medical beds have functions like bed height-raising and lowering as well as simultaneously balancing, head and foot side of the bed lifting function, leg side bending and extending function, these beds are mostly used in I.C.U as this function helps in ensuring the complete comfort to feel relax and ease while sitting or laying down for the daily purpose 

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3-Function Medical Bed- these hospital beds are proposed for ICUs to deal with critical health patients. Providing all similar functions as 3 functioned ICU beds including TRENDELENBURG and REVERSE TRENDELENBURG, consequently, provides both protection and comfort to the patients. 

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