Myth Buster for Whey Protein

Whey protein is a must-have protein supplement. As it is mixed with many special ingredients such as multivitamins, PDCAA’s, BCAA’s to serve the specific needs of gym enthusiasts. but there are so many misconceptions and false information being spread around that may misguide you and might ending you up not using these extremely beneficial products.

Here are some Myths that you may have heard before and formed a delusion about whey proteins in your mind.

Myth: Whey Protein Supplements Causes Weight Gain

The elements of whey protein include multivitamins, PDCAAs, BCAAs that guarantee the gym enthusiast gaining benefits like strength recovery post an intense workout session. Moreover, a whey protein supplement is a greater cause of protein and there’s no straight linking of mass gain as the calorie necessity for the body be contingent mostly on the way of life and daily activity level. So, consuming additional calories than what the body needs makes it store the surplus calories in the form of fat, thus the weight gain 

Myth: Whey Protein Supplements Holds Steroids

Myths of whey protein containing steroids since they help in buffing up, as the statistics are far from the truth. Whey protein holds vital amino acids, glutamine, glutamic acids, and Alpha-lactalbumin that helps buffing muscles, and increases immunity, helping in faster recovery and building muscle mass. An ordinary person who follows a medium to intense activity level can have whey protein to meet their daily necessity of protein. whey protein is one of the best sources of protein that gets absorbed in the body faster and helps in rebuilding strength and physique.

Myth: Whey Protein makes females masculine and bulky

There’s a real fear among females that daily use of whey protein will give them a body that’s manly and bulky with huge shoulders or oversized arms. While whey protein does no contribution in muscle development, there’s a surprising number of other reasons that decide how much muscle women will put on counting hormones, body structure and It takes a specific weight training program dedicated to build a lot of muscle or to even slightly bulk up. In reality, whey protein has as much chance of making you bulky as any other high protein food like eggs, chicken breast, etc

Myths: Whey Protein harms Kidneys

As per the studies, whey protein does not cause any harm to the kidneys of hale and hearty people. But people who are suffering from previous kidney-related issues should be monitoring their protein intake as an extreme amount of protein ingesting above the suggested allowance may lead to exacerbating pre-existing conditions. The overall suggestions are to keep a balanced combination of nutrition with enough water intake which helps in cleansing the protein that may cause kidney stones.

As of now, in this blog we highlighted some of the major myths of whey protein that may have to avert you back from using this to your advantage, whey protein is proven to the beneficiary if the product selection and the dosage are maintained appropriately

We at Moglix advise you to choose a high-quality whey protein like
MuscleBlaze, Optimum Nutrition, and MuscleTech are derived from cow’s milk and contains 100% vegetarian protein ingredients that are considered as a complete muscle nourishment formula Always remember to take the suggested dosage even though following a healthy diet and steady workout management to get the best results.

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