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Measuring Tapes

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Purchase High-quality Measuring Tapes for Precise Measurements

Measuring tapes are used when a ruler cannot take all the measurements. At some point in your life, you probably utilised it. To do the math necessary for determining distances, this is needed. It is a measurement instrument for surveyors, carpenters, and tailors, and every home should have at least one. One variety is softer, while the other is harder. Soft tapelines are formed of a ribbon of plastic, fibre, or microfibre glass, while hard tapelines are constructed of a flexible metal strip made of steel or carbon steel.


Several factors come with shopping for a measuring tape. Different kinds of tape measures are manufactured by various firms, each with its unique take on the tool. Therefore, choosing which kind of tape is ideal for your task or team might be challenging. Read on to discover the best measuring tapes. 


What are the Various Types of  Measuring Tapes?

Linen tape: Linen measuring tapes, commonly known as a cloth tape, are coated strips of tightly woven linen. The strip is between 12 and 16 mm wide. It is available at several lengths, including 10m, 20m, 30m, and 50m. The linen tape has metal grips on both ends, and the whole length is enclosed in a leather or metal box.


Metallic woven tape: An upgraded type of linen tape is metallic woven tape. The measurement tape comes with a brass ring that is part of its length. These measuring tapes come in various sizes, including 2m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, and 50m. These are used in projects like topographical surveying when slight inaccuracies are not considered.


Steel Tape: Steel or stainless steel is used to make steel tapes. It is made of steel strips ranging in width from 6 to 16 mm. It comes in lengths of 1, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30, and 50 metres. Steel tapes often have a metal casing with an automated winding mechanism. These measurement tapes are ideal for establishing chains' standards, constriction work measures, etc.


Synthetic tape: Synthetic tapes are PVC-coated glass fibres. These are flexible and lightweight. They come in lengths of 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 metres. When taking measures near electric fences, railroad tracks, etc., synthetic tapes are advised instead of steel tapes.


Invar tapes: Invar tapes contain 36% nickel and 64% steel alloy. Invar tape comes in several lengths of 30 m, 50 m, and 100 m and has a 6 mm broad strip. These inch tapes use for precise surveying tasks, including baseline measurements and triangulation surveys.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Measuring Tapes

Length: Choose a length that's appropriate for your primary use case. A standard measuring tape is 25 feet long, which should be sufficient for most situations.


Measurement Markings: You can see these numerical increments on the tape's blade. Be on the lookout for legible and clear markings. There will be either imperial (inches and feet) or both imperial and metric (centimetres and inches) markings on the measuring tapes (centimetres, millimetres).


Blade Material: Steel, stainless steel, and fibreglass are typical measuring tape blade materials. Steel blades are reliable, useful, and affordable. Stainless steel blades won't rust in damp or muddy situations, although they cost more than normal steel. High tensile strength, flexibility, and heat and abrasion resistance make fibreglass blades ideal for lengthy measuring tapes.


Case Material: When selecting a measuring tape, the body or case is another crucial consideration when selecting measuring tapes. High-quality tape cases feature a rubberised shell, an impact-resistant plastic case, or stainless steel construction.


Hook: The hook is the small piece at the end of the measuring tape blade. This enables the user to secure the tape to an item. A hook is a necessary component of practically all measuring tapes. Though plastic is sometimes used, metal is the most common material for hooks.


Belt clip/holder: Cased measuring tapes come with clips so that you may tuck them into a pocket or tool belt.  Steel or nylon are common materials for the clip. If you don't like belt clips, you may buy a clipless one or have them removed.


Stand out: The measuring tape blade may be stretched to this length before it bends or breaks. The measuring tapes are better the longer they stand out. When working alone or taking measurements of large or tall things, tape with a long standout is useful.


What Are The Different Brands of  Measuring Tapes

FreemansThe Freemans tape measure is the most popular of its kind. In any event, this particular brand is reliable and effective. It's built to last, with sturdy construction that makes it resistant to damage. This brand is widely available at major retailers like Amazon and Home Depot, giving customers a wealth of options.


StanleyThe American firm Stanley Stanley was established in 1843. You can choose from retractable, metal, and plastic measuring tapes and measuring instruments of varying lengths. They're made from forged steel and have an ergonomic shape to ensure prolonged use in comfort. Different sizes are available, with the 24-inch titanium model and the 16-inch titanium model being two of the most common. They have several distinct styles, including the FatMax, Diamond, Power lock, and Utility. The Utility design features of the measuring tapes offer a slip-resistant grip for secure handling.


InsizeInsize is a well-known name in the measuring tapes industry. They offer many different things, including measurement tapes. Their measuring tapes are sturdy, user-friendly, and accurate. They also come at a price that won't break the bank, which is a big benefit. An Inside measurement tape is an excellent choice if you need a dependable tool that won't empty your wallet. They come in various sizes and kinds, with one beneficial option being a laser distance tape measure.


HillgroveThis manufacturer's measuring tapes come in various sizes to ensure you can pick the right one for your needs. Hillgrove's measuring tapes come with various features, such as an inch/centimetre scale, a dual measuring edge, a metric-English scale, and a stud scale. The measurements you get from using one of these measuring tapes will be precise enough for use in a professional setting. Depending on your needs, you can have one 10, 20, 25, or even 50 feet in length.


Why Choose  Measuring Tapes from Moglix Online?

Measuring tapes are frequently utilised in industries, residences, and workshops daily. Moglix is your one-stop store if you're looking for high-quality measuring tapes online at affordable costs. Depending on your needs and the nature of the project, you can choose measuring tape here. As you shop, you may browse product information and reviews. Here are numerous possibilities from which to select. The shipping network of Moglix is efficient and quick. For the best deal, check and compare measuring tape prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring Tapes

How long can a measuring tape be?

Standard tape measures typically range from 15 to 50 feet. Long tape measures are available in lengths of up to 100 feet. They are frequently composed of flat steel or fibreglass and retract using a hand crank. Self-retracting tape measures are flexible and can be curled to measure into cramped spaces or around corners.

Why is the clip at the end of a measuring tape loose?

There's a reason why the metal tip at the end of your tape measure is a little loose. The first inch of tape approximately less by 1/16 inch. This is not an error; it is intended to offer accurate readings whether measuring the inside or outside edge of a surface.

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