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How to Decide Between Choosing Window or Split AC

How to Decide Between Choosing Window or Split AC.

Is your air cooler unable to beat the heat of summer? Is the humidity in air making you restless? Are you thinking of buying an AC? If yes, then the second question will be, “Split or Window AC, which is better?” If this is something that ticks the clock of your mind, here is a blog to help you decide. Below, the two air conditioners are mapped on basis of top eight parameters.

  1. Air Conditioner Design:

A window AC is a wall mount air conditioner of a single unit, installed in a room’s window. It is mostly used for a small room and available in white color. Window AC is quite portable.

Split AC, on the other hand, has two units where is fitted inside a room and the other is placed outside the house. It has different colors and patterns to match the interior of your house or office.

  1. Ease of Installation:

Window AC wins over split on accounts of installation. And, it is not necessary to get a professional for the installation of this air conditioner. All you need is a right-sized window.

In case of a split AC, you need to install an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. This is time taking and costly as it has an explicit requirement of copper wiring.

  1. Space Required:

For a window air conditioner, you either need to etch out the window or break that size of the wall to fit in your AC. So, creating space constraints.

Whereas, a split air conditioner can hang anywhere on the wall and the compressor will be placed outside keeping things clean and tidy.

  1. Cooling Capacity:

The capacity is a crucial feature to consider when selecting the type of AC. Before finalizing the capacity parameter, it is necessary to analyze parameters such as room size, number of people living there, ventilation space or if natural light is entering the room.

Capacity of window AC is constrained to 2 tons only. So, in case you need more, you will have to switch to split AC.

  1. Noise Creation:

Window AC having a single unit ends up producing more noise. If you are a tossing-and-turning sleeper, avoid getting this air conditioner in your room.

In case of split AC, there is minimal or no noise as the outdoor unit is placed outside the house.

  1. Maintenance:

Window AC gets extra points when it comes to maintenance. Its compact size and well-designed components make it a low-maintenance product.

However, split AC requires timely servicing from a professional. You might even find troubleshoot quite difficult for split air conditioners.

  1. Power consumption:

Check for star-rating to analyze the efficiency of your air conditioner. Every star increases 10% difference in energy consumption. For a room size of 300 sq. Ft., a 1.5-ton AC with 3-star rating is a good choice. But for a larger area where your AC needs to work for hours, opt for a 5-star AC that saves energy and money.

  1. Price:

There is a considerable price difference in the window and split AC. A window air conditioner is much more affordable when compared to a split AC. For a 1-1.5 ton window AC you would need to pay Rs. 15000-25000, whereas a split AC would charge you around Rs. 20000-30000.

To wrap up, both the ACs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consider all the above-mentioned aspects and room size before finalizing the type of AC you wish to buy. Moglix.com brings a range of window and split air conditioners from some of the best brands at competitive prices. Buy your favorite air conditioner online now!

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