Hello from Moglix!

Today, 15th of August, we celebrate the Independence Day of India. What could be a better day for us to say a big “Hello” to the world? We at Moglix embarked upon an exciting journey 5 months back to build a technology led organization solving for large real world problems. Moglix took a simple problem statement – “How can technology simplify and boost Global trade from Asia worth $5T+”. In the last 2 decades we have seen the internet grow from a mere 50M people in 1995 to touching 40% of the world’s population ~3B people. While a significant %age of this population has been touched by the search (Google), social connectivity (Facebook), communication revolution on mobile (Whatsapp) and domestic e-commerce (Amazon) – the Global trade of products continues to be plagued by the traditional distribution and marketing channels.

Time has come for this to change! Moglix dreams of a world where every product that needs to be bought by people, businesses across the world can be bought seamlessly at 1-click of a button. The advances in internet, mobile, logistics and payment systems when combined with data and technology can make this dream a reality. We take inspiration from Thomas Friedman’s famous book “The World is Flat” where there is no geographical, technological or political barrier to strangulate free mobilization of resources, goods or even ideas – uplifting the overall well being of the people!

We have taken our 1st step towards this mission – to make Global Trade seamless and create a true flat world – where everyone across the world has symmetry of information and can buy/ sell products across the world. Cheers to a FLAT WORLD !

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