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What are the Essential Tools for a Plumber?

Either there is water leakage in your office or shop or your bathroom accessories are not working properly, every time you call a plumber. Plumber resolves these water problems with some hand tools. These plumbing tools make it easier for them to fix water issues. So, let’s discuss some of the essential plumbing tools that can make life easier.

Pipe Cutters: For a plumber, it is common to cut pipes. For this work, they require pipe cutters. This tool is also important to remove bad pipes in office pantries, kitchens or washrooms. There are some fixtures that may not be compatible with already existing pipe sizes, then new pipes can be installed with the help of pipe cutters.

These cutters are very convenient to use even in small spaces. It can make a quick repair underneath the sink. Pipe Cutters are lightweight and easy to control. Pipe cutters can cut copper pipes, aluminum pipes, plastic tubing and more.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench: In plumbing, these wrenches are used in pairs. One for making a grip on a pipe and other to turn the fitting. These have adjustable toothed jaws so that they can perform both jobs. These jaws can dig into the workpiece and remove a stuck pipe, nut or bolt. 

Adjustable Spanner: These tools are extremely essential for plumbers. They can be easily adjusted with a flick of a thumb while jaws will remain at their set width. Adjustable spanners are used to turn nuts, bolts or fasteners. To tighten compression joints without twisting the pipework, it is required to use a pair of these spanners.

Locking Pliers: As per the name, when something needs to be held onto the place, these pliers are used. Plumbers have various kinds of pliers in their toolbox. These locking pliers are versatile and can be used for many purposes. At the time of buying pliers, remember to choose the right plier for a specific work. These tools are value for money for those who are in this profession. 

Screwdrivers: Screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes. From changing faucet washers to disassembling plumbing-related appliances, these tools are used for a variety of tasks. The most common used screwdrivers are the star and plus-shaped screwdrivers. 

Plunger: The most common plumbing tool you can find in a plumber’s toolbox is a plunger. Plungers are used in dislodging clogs from sins, toilet and other types of drains. However, it is important to choose a good and high-quality plunger. These are very cost-effective tools and easy to use. Sometimes, just using a plunger is not enough to fix clogging problems. In draining other liquids, more complex tools are used like an auger.

Tape Measure: All plumbers have this simple tool named tape measure.  As the name itself is explanatory, these tools are used to measure the dimensions of the plumbing system and components. 

For a professional plumber to a beginner, these tools are very easy to work and take care of. Buy the best plumbing tools at Moglix. Moglix.com offers the most reliable and trustworthy brands for these tools at an affordable price. 

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