Reasons to Wear a Safety Helmet Onsite

If you are working on a construction site, or any workplace where heavy objects and machinery operates, do not forget to wear a safety helmet. There are many industries and sectors where there is a risk of head injury. To protect the workers from these injuries, it is important to use correct safety gear.

Many people avoid wearing safety helmets, but the role of safety helmets on-site should not be underestimated. The safety wear is not complete without a safety helmet. Read this blog to know why safety helmets are important and how they can protect you from several injuries.

Wearing Safety Helmet is Mandatory

Wearing a safety helmet on the site is not only important, but it is also mandatory. As per the Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines wearing PPE is mandatory and at the place where there is a risk of getting a head injury, a safety helmet is mandatory to wear by all the employees.

Protection against Head Injuries

Safety helmets are designed to provide complete protection to the workers from strong head impacts, electric injuries and injury penetration, which can be caused by falling of heavy objects. Safety helmets also provide protection against injuries from bumping into the fixed objects and electrical conductors that may also lead to injury.

Protection against Slips, Trips, and Falls

Whether you are working in the construction industry or in the oil industry, the slippery surface is very common. Wearing safety helmets while working in a liquid base or a chemical unit ensures protection from a severe head injury that can cause due to slips, trips, and falls.

Increase Chances of Survival in Accidents

There is a possibility of severe accidents happening at a work unit. In such a scenario, if a worker is wearing a safety helmet, the chances of getting hurt or severe injury will remain minimal.

Improves Employee Visibility

If a worker is wearing a reflective hard hat, it allows greater visibility and also helps in distinguishing the employees while they are working during day and night. With different color helmets, you can also differentiate visitors or non-working people entering on-site. Helmets come in different colors that signify different roles of the wearer on the working site. Supervisors are not always aware of everyone working on the site hence, differentiating them with helmet colors make it easy to recognize.

  • White- For managers, competent operatives and vehicle marshals
  • Black- For site supervisor
  • Yellow- Workers
  • Grey- Site visitors
  • Red- Firefighters
  • Green- Safety Officers
  • Blue- Electricians, carpenters, and other technical operators

Provides Sun Protection

Construction site workers are constantly exposed to sun rays that can cause bad effects on their health. For that reason, wide brim safety helmets are considered ideal as they are capable to provide adequate protection against harmful sun rays. This helps in reducing the chances of heatstroke and fatigue and will let the workers for longer without hampering their health.

In order to ensure complete safety for your workers, make sure that the safety helmets provided to the workers on-site are in good condition. Also, make sure that they have a perfect fit. If the workplace requires a worker to wear hearing protection, then also safety helmets should not be avoided. You can also buy helmets with inbuilt hearing protection.

If you are concerned for the safety of your employees and are looking for safety helmets online, browse through our website and get the best assortment of brands at an affordable price. You can also explore the complete safety category and buy other essential safety equipment for your workers.

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