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Ultimate Guide for Safety Tips in Oils and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry workers work in some of the toughest situations. They are constantly exposed to severe weather and harsh working conditions. Hence, their safety should be on the top of every employer’s list. 

Now, the question arises, how do you keep them safe? One thing that you can do for their safety is to provide them with personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment includes flame resistant clothing, fall protection and many more.

Workers should be properly trained to use their personal protective equipment on a daily basis. Wearing PPE in a proper manner can help minimize the extent of accidents and injuries. Let’s discuss some safety equipment.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Working in an oil and gas industry is a very risky job and catching fire is one of the major concerns. To protect your employees from that, flame-resistant clothing is required. These clothing are designed to self-extinguish. That means it won’t continue to burn even if an employee is exposed to flames. FR clothing drastically reduces the number of workplace deaths and injuries every year.

How to Choose the Right Flame-Resistant Clothing?

There are a number of factors you need to consider:

·         Look for optimal protection features

·         The clothing should be comfortable to wear 

·         Clothing material should be durable

Free Fall protection

If you are working in an oil and gas industry, you must be aware of working on heights. Oil and gas workers often have to climb elevated equipment, like drilling and service rigs and the chances of a slip, trip and fall are very high. To prevent that, use fall protection gear. whenever an employee is working at the hights heights of 4 feet or above should make sure of using fall protection gear that can help them keep safe. Let’s discuss what your fall protection system should include:

Anchor- A suitable anchor point must be used for fall arrest systems. It must be able to support at least 5,000 lb load capacity. Anchor points should be installed in various locations in an oil rig. Make sure that the anchor point you choose should be compatible with the structure that it is attached to. Also, make sure anchor points are attached by a professional. Follow the instructions on the user’s manual for details.

Body Harness- It must be provided to employees who wear fall protection equipment. The harness needs to be worn entire time while working on heights. A worker needs to put them on before leaving the ground.  

Connector- It is required to secure body harness to an anchor point. For proper fall protection, the harness should be connected to an anchor point.

Other Protection Equipment for Oil and Gas Workers

In addition to flame-resisting and fall protection, there is some other protective equipment that is required for complete protection of workers in an oil and gas industry. Below is some common personal protective equipment that is used by oil and gas industry workers.

Safety Glasses

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Oil and gas workers are at great risk due to their continuous exposure to dirt, sand, grease, oil, and other flying debris. Protection of eyes is very important and to ensure that safety glasses are a must.

Safety Shoes

There are lots of heavy tools and accessories that get hauled around on site and increase the risk of injury to the feet. Safety shoes, like steel-toed boots, must be worn at work all times.

Hard Hats

Hard hats or safety helmets should be used in industrial workplaces. It protects workers from falling objects and other unplanned events. These are a perfect solution to protect your employees from major injuries. These hats should be comfortable and lightweight.


Oil workers might also need protective gloves. One can get specialty gloves for welding, cutting, handling, chemicals, or other odd jobs.

Working in an oil and gas industry is a very tough task. You need to be aware of the risks and precautions in order to stay safe. Now, as you are aware of the different safety equipment for a different purpose, you can buy some of the best safety equipment from our website moglix.com at the best price.

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