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Safety Goggles – A must have protection for your eye.

Eye being one of the most sensitive organ of the human body, should be best taken care of.  

Eye protection is needed where there is the possibility of chemical, environmental or radiological irritants and hazards. Eyeshields, also called safety glasses, goggles etc, not only provide protection against flying unwanted tiny foreign bodies and chemical splashes, but may also protect against UV rays, depending on the lens material.

The most commonly used lens material for safety eyewear is polycarbonate. This material has less than half the weight of glass making the eyewear more comfortable to wear. Polycarbonate lenses which is a softer material are also more impact-resistant than glass lenses and do not shatter.  

Modern eyeshield designs offer anti-slip nose edges, anti-fog lenses, and coatings, which make them resistant to acids, chemicals, and hydrocarbons.

Safety goggles are designed for :

  • Individuals who want to protect themselves from contagious diseases
  • Staff who look after cleanliness
  • Laboratory staff who deal with harmful chemicals on a day to day basis
  • People who work at construction sites
  • Mining workers, carpenters, electrical workers etc

Safety Goggles or Safety Glasses are types of protective eyewear that encloses the area surrounding the eye and protects it from infectious material, liquids or hazardous chemicals.

There is a minor distinction between Safety glasses and goggles ie glasses are held on via earpieces while Safety Goggles have an adjustable wrap affixed to your head.

Types of Safety goggles

Sight guard

For maximum visibility and all-around wearability, this popular line of economical safety goggles offers hazardous impact protection. You may go for anti-fog or anti-scratch coatings for improved visibility and lens life.

Flexi Chem

These clear, flexible safety goggles protect against significant eye effecting hazards such as flying debris and splashes. Acetate lenses resist splashes while the flexible frame enhances comfort and fit. Features a long, comfort-fit adjustable band.

Eye Protection Equipment

Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, and Face Shields

Goggles may be used as a substitute for safety glasses with side shields. The adjustable elasticated strap used in place of the side arms offer a more secure fit to the user.Face shields are used when facial skin protection is needed. They are usually made of polycarbonate. For protection from chemicals it is best to use an acetate face shield. Face shields should be used in addition to eye protection..  

At Moglix, we present brands like Mallcom Avior, Karam clear, Midas zoom, Arcon, Honeywell etc in all styles, design and quality of Safety goggles and glasses which are extremely effective in protecting your eye from dust, unwanted flying materials, hazardous chemicals etc. So wear them and stay safe.

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