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Budget 2021- Don’t cut off your shopping list, here are the savings tips!

Here, it’s that time of the year again.

Surprises will be revealed, lessons will be taught- the 2021 budget is here, but worry not!

People looked up to the government and  Nirmala Sitaraman to cut off the taxes, increase the subsidies and incentives to cover up the loss of pandemic 2020. Although, there are no such changes made to the tax slabs. Fuel prices are still at a high price where it has crossed Rs 100 in Rajasthan because of state and government tax. 

Plus point is income tax has not increased in any form. Also if you are above 75 years and earn money from only interest and pensions, you need not file income tax. There is strategic disinvestment being followed by the government to raise funds and increase the GDP of the country. 

Let’s get insight and sum up, what all got costlier this financial year.

What all got costlier?

Here are some products that got a hike in the prices-

  1. Electronics items – Prices of items like bulbs, LEDs, refrigerators, ACs have increased as the customs duty on the materials it is made from has increased.
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Cotton
  4. Raw silk and yarn
  5. Specific fertilizers 
  6. Gold and silver 
  7. Automobile parts 
  8. Finished leather products 
  9. Solar inverters and lartens 

So you see there are certain daily use and essentials products that have experienced a rise in price. This is the time of the year people start budgeting their expenses and savings. Even if the budget that has been passed has reduced or increased the rates of the products that have no say in your salary. 

In the pandemic year 2020, many people lost their jobs and life savings. In such a situation where the GDP of India has dropped planning for one’s budget gets even more important.

So what you can do?

There comes two solutions-

  1. Cut off the expenses 
  2. Plan different

BUT! Why cut off shopping when you can equalize it and balance it all.

Wanna know HOW? 

Whenever you are looking for a product what is the first thing that you see?

Features? No, think of that shopping site you browsed last night. 

Price? Bingo!

We compared the price of the product on different platforms to find the best deals and offers. 

If a person sees an expensive product they look for alternatives options if they could find the product at a lower cost or offers.

This price comparison of a product between different options in the market is price matching.

 Let’s understand it better.

What is price matching?

Price matching is basically the comparison of the product price within its competitors. There are different terms that are used by the sellers such as “ lowest price guaranteed” and “ at the lowest price.” 

There are different terms and conditions for every business to do price matching. Some compare the price of its selective competitors. Wherein, some see for all other options for the same product and set the lowest price.

Every business and retailer has different price matching policies. Some do it by price adjustments while some set the lowest selling price. 

These policies keep on changing so you have to check the updates and offers day to day.

So, what is the catch?

By price matching, you get to know all the deals and offers on the same product in the market. 

It’s human nature to look for better deals and options. This way you get the lowest price on the same product. 

And for business and retailers? They do not have to lose their customers to the competitors for an item due to the price. It is a win-win situation for both parties. Customers have full control to find the best price and deal and retailers and businesses get their sales without having to run the customers for the same product.

Here is the gameplay-

By doing price matching you can cover up the price that is increased on the items this year. You cannot and should not cut off on the essentials that you require. Instead, play smart!

You can also put the amount difference you get from buying the product at a lower price in your savings account. This will help you save money for the products that are costlier in terms of the products which you can price map.

We have made your task easier-

Here at Moglix we provide you with the top best products under one stop. There are thousands of products and top brands to choose from at the lowest price. Our strategists deeply analyze the market and set a USP for you which is the lowest in terms of price and highest in terms of qualities.  

Price matching comparison

So why go anywhere, when everything is here!

Visit www.moglix.com today and order all your required products at the best deals and prices. 

Shop tension free because – MOGLIX HAI NA!

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