Stay Safe with High Visibility Clothes

As the name suggests, High Visibility (HV) clothing makes workers visible in low light and dark conditions. Mostly, those who operate vehicles, work for traffic control, road construction, and railroad workers wear high viz clothing to alert other drivers and vehicle operators of their presence. These protective apparel play a major role in maintaining safety and preventing accidents. 

HV clothes include coveralls, vests, jackets, pants, gloves, headwear and more. These clothes use fluorescent colors like yellow, orange, green, and red that can stand out in the work environment. 

What to Look Before Buying HV Clothes

Buying the best and suitable safety apparel is very important. Do not compromise with the quality of these safety wear. There are some points to consider before purchasing high visibility clothes.

Size and Coverage:

  • Large and bright clothes are more visible.
  • When the background material of HV clothes is bright colored, it is intended to be highly visible.


  • The garments should be well-fitted for the safety and best performance.
  • These clothes must be comfortable to wear & material should not be rough.
  • The clothing shouldn’t have any sharp edges or projections that can cause excessive irritation.


  • On high visibility clothes, there should be a waist level horizontal stripe or belt.
  • At the front, there should be two vertical stripes passing over shoulders to the waist.
  • On the back, there should be symmetric X.


  • Bright colors are more visible in daylight conditions than dull colors.
  • Fluorescent colors are more effective in low light conditions.
  • Retroreflective clothes provide greater visibility in dark conditions. Fluorescent materials are ineffective at night.

Things to Consider while Using HV Safety Apparel

Those who wear high visibility safety apparel at work must know these points:

  • Fluorescent apparel is most appropriate for dark conditions.
  • For maximum visibility, use full body coverage clothes.
  • To enhance the visibility of the body in motion, contrast stripes on arms and legs are helpful.
  • Do not wear other garments on these HV clothes.
  • Wear HV clothes that are specific for the job site and the type of work.

Benefits of High Visibility Clothes

There are many benefits of high visibility safety clothing. Let’s discuss some of them here:

Make Employees Highly Visible: High visibility clothes differentiate wearers from the environment and provides more opportunity to see them. The worker is also protected from being injured by oncoming traffic.

Promote Safe Environment: Nowadays, providing a safe working environment is the priority of any business firm. The productivity of a worker would increase if he would feel safe at the job site. Investing in high visibility uniforms would benefit any  business tremendously. 

Reduce Accident Risk: Most of the accidents at workplace occur because of the incapability of the drivers to see the onsite workers properly, due to improper lighting and similar reasons. HV apparel provides great visibility to vehicle operators. So, the chances of accidents would decrease automatically. 

Other than the transportation industry, high visibility clothes are used by construction workers, school crossing guards, emergency service providers, parking lot attendants, warehouse workers, utility workers, shipyard workers, and many more. So, these clothes must be of good quality and durable. To get the best safety apparel from the best of brands like 3M, A.J., Aadhar Safety, Acme, Agarson, AIQS, Aktion, Amruth, Ansell, Axtry, Jonson, Mallcom, Nova Safe, Prima, Real Plus, Safari, STEC, Ufo, visit our website, Get the best shopping experience here. 

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