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Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Industry

Construction work is one of the riskiest jobs as it involves machines and humans both. So, construction workers face some common risk factors that can turn out to be life-threatening. When it comes to protecting workers at a job site, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the best option. These PPE guard workers against accidents and prevents injuries. Employers should make sure that all safety measures must be followed. For the construction industry, there are some common safety gears that workers must have:

Safety Helmets or Hard Hats: If we talk about safety gear for the construction industry, the first equipment that comes in our mind is safety helmet or hard hat. Head injuries are very common in construction work because there is always a risk of falling objects on site. Hard hats protect workers from striking head injuries. Safety helmets are also useful to protect workers from rain, direct sun rays, and electric shock. These headgears are made up of high-density polyethylene or Ultem that makes them ideal for head protection.

Safety Shoes: Many fatal injuries are caused by tripping, slipping and falling. These accidents happen due to unsafe ladders or scaffolds. This is why protective footwear is important. Every worker present at a construction site must wear anti-skid or gripping boots. Wearing steel or composite toe boots can prevent feet injury caused due to falling hammers and needles. Safety shoes offer a high level of protection. Those who work outside at extremely hot and cold temperatures must wear composite toe shoes because these are lighter and do not conduct heat.

Ear Muffs or Ear Plugs: Construction site workers often use tools like chainsaw, jackhammers, and other heavy equipment that make noise. This prolonged noise can damage a worker’s hearing capability. To reduce the effect of noise to the ear, workers must use pre-molded or formable earplugs. Acoustic foam-lined ear muffs also work well in this situation.

Safety Goggles: Eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts; hence they need the utmost safety precautions. Most of the eye injuries occur due to exposure to hazardous particles, gases, molten metals, acids, vapors, and light radiation. So, on the job site, while working with concrete, grinding, cutting, welding, and nailing, workers must wear safety goggles. The safety equipment may vary according to the task. Along with safety glasses, workers should also wear face masks, welding shields, chemical splash goggles, and dust goggles.

Safety Gloves: A majority of construction work requires active use of hands. Hence, it is necessary to take proper precautions to avoid hand injuries like cuts and burns. For this, employers should provide hand gloves to workers. Different types of hand gloves are suitable for different jobs like heavy-duty leather and canvas gloves are suitable to avoid cuts and burns for the construction workers, welding gloves for welders, rubber gloves for workers working with concrete, insulated gloves for electric hazards, and chemical-resistant gloves for working with chemical agents.

To reduce accidents and injuries, workers also need training. They should be taught about proper selection and use of personal protective equipment. They should know how to put on these PPE and take them off, and also the proper adjustment for the right fit. Workers should be aware of the capabilities and limitations of these PPE. Along with it, they should also know how to properly inspect safety wear for damaged parts and maintenance tips.

Since different businesses need different safety measures. If you are going to purchase safety wear for you or your workers, visit Moglix.com for the best shopping experience and reasonable price.

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