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Respiratory Masks in the Chemical Industry

People work in the chemical industry deal with toxic or corrosive substances in their daily lives. They also come across many chemicals and particles that create several side-effects when inhaled. In these industries, some of the gases are too dangerous that they can make a worker muzzy and can cause momentary loss of concentration. So, it is recommended to use a respiratory mask while working with chemicals. These masks protect you against harmful airborne particles and gases. They filter out substances in the air that cause injuries, diseases or deaths. 

No matter how much precautions you take, it is not possible to prevent yourself from an atmospheric leak at a chemical factory. So, it is necessary to use respirators to safeguard yourself from gas and other harmful chemicals.

Why Respirators

Respirators are very simple and effective at protecting users from airborne contaminants. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and functionality; but their work is all the same. They all cover the mouth and nose from dust, smoke, fog, vapor and gas. Respiratory masks fall into two categories, tight-fitted and loose-fitted. Most of the respirators are tight-fitted. Either they cover the entire face or protect only mouth and nose. Loose-fitted respirators are used if the environment is too toxic. These respirators include helmets or hoods to protect a wearer’s head through filters, canisters or cartridges. 

How to Choose Correct Respiratory Mask?

Choosing a correct respiratory mask is the key to protect yourself from hazards. At the time of buying a respirator, you must consider some factors such as:

Know Hazard Type: There are many types of respiratory masks available in the market. They all are designed for different type of contaminants. In the chemical industry, we often bear dangerous and toxic substances. Identify those substances and then determine air sampling that how much contaminants are present in the air. As per the level of contaminants, choose a perfect respiratory mask for your work. 

Determine Level of Protection: Choose the one that is designed to remove harmful airborne particulates that may be blocked by a filter like dust, fumes (metal particles from welding), fibers and mists. As per the nature of work, filters and cartridges are also different. So, get the one that is suitable for the chemical industry. 

Fitting: Make sure that your mask seal around the nasal area. It should fit as a nose clip. There is no use of a respiratory mask without a perfect fit and a good seal. So, before buying it, check whether it has a perfect fit or not.  

Mask Life: Disposable respiratory masks have a life span of 48 hours that is not at all suitable for chemical work. The life of respirators depends on their usage. So, as per your work requirement, buy one that is durable. 

As you know that working in the chemical industry is a risky job. To prevent yourself from toxic contaminants, you must take proper precautions like wearing a good quality respiratory mask. Moglix provides a wide range of respirators at affordable prices. It also offers the best brands, some of them include 3M, Airofesh, Creative, Fortune, Globus, Honeywell, Magnum, Mallcom, Venus, Vogmask, and many more. Browse through our website and get the best masks for yourself. 

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