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All about Hammer Drill Machines- BLACK+DECKER

If you are looking for a drill for the first time, you might have already discovered the various Types of Drills available in the market.

The main consideration is what type of work you have to perform and if you require a hammer action or a normal rotatory action to do the task. 

What does that mean?

Let’s have a more in-depth view. If you are not sure of what a hammer drill is, then this will help you out. Read on tight.

Hammer Drill Machine-

With hefty size, multiple settings, and extra optional handle control hammer drill is one tough tool.

Advantages of Hammer Drill-

If you are looking for a full package of power tools for heavy-duty drilling tasks then hammer drills worth your money. As it exhibits various advantages like –

1.Powerful and Quick –

Hammer drills tend to be more powerful and quicker at getting the job done. These use the rotating and hammer-like action to boreholes or drive screws into almost anything.

2.Heatless and Seamless- 

These are perfect for masonry work, like- stonework, brick-wall, mason work, handiwork, artifact, workmanship, etc. It seamlessly drills into anything, like the concrete walls or bricks. Standard drills tend to heat up in these situations.

When it comes to hammer drills there are various options available from Black + Decker to choose from. 

Key features-

These heavy-duty power tools have much more features than any normal drills.

Here are some terms of the key features of hammer drills for better understanding – 

1.Power –

A typical hammer drill has a power of about 7 amps while the ones with heavy motors have power up to 10 amps. The bigger the motor, the more power, and quicker the work.

2.Variable speed control-

Different tasks require different speeds to increase accuracy and avoid any damage. A good drill machine has a trigger control i.e, works on the pressure you apply for personalized control, or a variable speed setting dial control that can work on the same set speed. 

3.Hammer mode- 

Hammer drills have hammer mode settings that induce a pulsing effect. With the rotational movement and pulsating hammer force, it makes it easy to drive masonry bits into anything.

4.Keyed chuck- 

A lot of drills come with keyless chucks which helps quick and easy change of bits. However, a keyed chuck is preferred for the hammer drill as it ensures the bits are solidly in place as the bits bounce a lot during the operation.

5.Grip options- 

Hammer drill machines come with different grip options. There is a 3- positions side handle or 360-degree auxiliary handle for a faster and comfortable experience with perfect grip in enclosed or complex spaces.

Black + Decker is a tool manufacturing company known around the globe. It is certainly the best in power tools when it comes to drilling machines, they have the most reckoned and best tools to accomplish any tough task.

Here is a list of hammer drills according to the features they exhibit-

  1. Black+ Decker 550W Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine
  2. Black+Decker 13mm 550W Variable Speed Hammer Drill
  3. Black+ Decker 550W Reversible Ergonomic Hammer Drill
  4. Black+Decker 10mm 550W Single Speed Hammer Drill
  5. Black+Decker 10mm 550W Variable Speed Hammer Drill
  6. Black+Decker 10mm 500W Hammer Drill

So complete your tool kit at a reasonably affordable price and from the best brand, Black+Decker available on Moglix.

For more power tools and machines from the best brands and at the best price online visit www.moglix.com where you can find the collection of numerous products for all your requirements. 

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