Nibbler vs Shear

Nibbler vs Shear; Which One is Better?

Understand the Need of these Tools First

Metalworking is one of the most complex jobs due to its various production processes. In order to get the metal in the required specifications, workers work with heavy gauge metal sheets regularly. They cut these metal sheets on a daily basis to perform several operations. To make this job easy and get the output at a faster rate, workers use several tools. Nibblers and Shears are the two most common tools that are used to produce clean cuts and reduce workpiece damage and risk of injury. 

Make a Right Choice Between these Two

Although these are some of the most established and popular tools, still people are not well aware of the major distinctions between them. In order to make the correct choice, you should know about these tools first. Here, let’s discuss a brief about nibblers and shears.

Nibblers: These versatile tools help cut through metal sheets precisely and are available in two forms, freehand and bench mounted. Nibblers are universal cutting devices that work without feed force, spark, distortion, and emission. These tools are widely used to cut sections, small channels or cutouts, tubes, and many more. Nibblers can cut a variety of materials varying in thickness by easy and quick direction change.

Shears: Shears are used for cutting lead, aluminum, brass, copper, and other materials. These tools help cut slight curves and straight cuts. These sheet metal cutting tools make repeatable cuts with long-lasting durability and dependability. Shears provide faster and less fatigue cutting. These tools are known for their highest speed, optimum performance, and efficiency.

Which One to Select?

Although both tools are meant to perform the same job, there are a few differences between the two. Let’s have a look at them:

  • When it comes to cutting extremely fine lines, nibblers are not the ideal choice. This job can be accomplished with shears.
  • Nibblers are used for cutting patterns out of sheet metal.
  • As compared to nibblers which produce thousands of tiny chips, shears create less waste.
  • Shearing tool is ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  • Shears cut with minimum distortion while nibblers destroy the material in its path. 
  • Unlike shears, nibblers are easy to operate in difficult to access areas and are great for prototyping and small production.
  • Shears easily cut through 14-gauge mild steel and stainless to 18 gauge quickly and quietly without warping or bending.

After reading the above information, you can make a wise decision of choosing between shears and nibblers according to the required job. If you are planning to purchase any of the power tools, visit our website, It is an online platform that offers various hand and power tools from the best of the brands that are available at an affordable price.

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