Keep Your Workers Safe at a Workplace

Keep Your Workers Safe At the Workplace!

The safety of a worker is the topmost concern for every employer at the workplace. Professionals working in mining, construction, manufacturing, oil rigs are always exposed to hazards. Chances of getting injured are very prominent in these industries. Getting injured at the workplace is very common; however these injuries can be decreased when proper safety equipment is introduced at the workplace. There are a variety of safety equipment that an employer should provide to the workers working on the site. Additionally, it is important to choose the right material for your safety equipment and other products to minimize the safety threat.

Know what Material is the Best for the Sole of Shoes

Safety shoes are a must-have in the construction, manufacturing, oil rigs or any other industry. However, it is very important to know which sole is best for safety shoes. While buying any shoes, it is very important to look for comfort and material. There are so many materials available for the sole of shoes. The options available are rubber sole, polyurethane bottoms (PU), EVA outsoles, TRP bottoms, PVC outsoles, BPU, ABS outsoles. With these many options, PU is the best. PU soles are light and abrasion resistance. There are so many advantages of using the safety shoes of PU sole. Let’s understand a few of them. 

  • PU soles are flexible, comfortable and easy to wear.
  • They provide good resistance to slip and oxidation.
  • They are an excellent shock absorber, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly.

The other types of shoes that are widely used are steel toe boots. Let’s understand in which industry these safety shoes should be worn.

What Jobs Require to Wear Steel Toe Boots?

Steel toe boots are heavy, compact and make the most traditional form of protective shoes. You would require to wear steel toe boots in the construction industry, welding industry, and steel industry as there is a high risk of falling heavy objects. These shoes protect you from punctures, cutting hazards, electrical hazards, slipping, tripping and falling. 

Now, let’s understand why you need to wear safety shoes in the construction industry.

The Importance of Safety Shoes in the Construction Industry

As we have already discussed that in the construction industry safety shoes are a must-have. Here is a list of injuries that can occur to your feet if you are not wearing safety shoes. 

  • Crushed feet, broken bones and finger loss – These injuries are the most common in the construction sector and wearing the right safety shoes can prevent that.
  • Cuts to the feet – Nails, blades or scrap metals are common in the construction industry and if you don’t wear safety shoes your feet are at great risk. 
  • Cuts, lacerations – If you are using any power tool or machinery there are chances to get cuts, so to prevent your feet from that safety shoes are very important. 
  • Sprains and Fractures – Sprains and fractures are very common at construction sites, so you must wear safety shoes to prevent that.

These are some injuries that are common and safety shoes will prevent your feet from all these injuries. However, apart from the construction industry, there are other sectors like the mining sector where workers are at huge risk. So, to prevent them from various hazards there is other safety wear that should be worn by the workers for complete safety. Let’s understand the best safety wear for the mining industry. 

Which is the Best Safety Wear for Mining Work?

In the mining industry workers are always at great risk, and to protect them safety wear is a must-have. Mineworkers wearing full safety clothing of helmet, gloves, boots, protective padding, etc will be able to address many dangers before and after an accident. The best safety wear that will ensure the complete safety are:

  • Hard Hats – Hard hats are very important to prevent any kind of head injury. 
  • High Visibility Safety Garments – While working in the mining industry, workers are always at risk due to dark/low light. So, they should wear safety equipment like jackets, overall/coveralls which are properly visible in dark/low light.
  • HVSA – The headgear that they are wearing should be retro-reflective material.
  • Safety Boots – The surface is mostly slippery in the mining industry and due to dark and low light the chances to injure the feet are very high, which you can prevent by wearing correct safety shoes. 

These are some of the safety equipment that is must-have in different industries. Now, as you are aware of the correct sole material, right safety shoes for the right industry and other safety equipment in mining and other industries, you can easily purchase the one as per your requirement. If you are planning to buy any safety equipment you can explore the safety category at our website and get the best quality PPE, safety shoes and other safety equipment for your workers to keep them safe and protect them from various hazards. 

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