Essential Office Supplies

Ever since the evolution and introduction of technology into the office working environment, businesses have actually bragged about how they’ve espoused a ‘paperless office’. However, the reality is, of course, rather different.

Anyone who’s deployed in a corporate office, must be well aware that it is next to impossible to function sans basic office stationery, and even though your beloved MS excel, and notepad may perform various functions at the touch of a button; however, there is one thing which they simply cannot do – and that’s replace those essential office supplies that have been the bedrock, indeed the life force, of the office world for decades.

Organization Supplies

Staying organized holds a crucial importance, so have a stapler and binder clips handy to keep your documents and printouts together. Add some folders — both regular file folders and the hanging kind — so you don’t lose important paperwork, such as personnel files or legal documents.


Well, things to scribble upon are equally important. Therefore, stock up on notebooks, notepads, sticky notes and paper for your printer and copier. And, not to forget, ensure that your printer and copier boasts of adequate ink and toner so your pages don’t stay blank and you never find yourself in a lurch before a major presentation.

Desk Supplies

Start from scratch, start with the real basics. The basics here in question are pens, tape, highlighters, paper clips, scissors, a trash can, etc. — all the various things you take for granted, however these are some indispensable knick knacks you need for getting the job done. They will facilitate you to take notes, be creative and go about that extra mile, and execute your normal daily tasks with great ease.

It’s All about Laying a Foundation

It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, industrialist or owner of a small business, some office supplies fit the bill for everybody. Start with this list as your foundation and keep on growing from there.

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