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How to Choose the Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Home?

Keeping a tab on your blood pressure not only helps to assess your health but also warns you about various other diseases in their initial stage. This is why checking your blood pressure frequently is very important. Now, as this is a proven fact, many people measure their blood pressure a few times a week; however, every time going to the doctor for blood pressure checkup becomes very difficult. This is why buying a blood pressure monitor for home is a good idea, as this not only saves time but also lets you check the pressure when required. 

Now, there are several types of blood pressure monitors available in the market, and choosing the right one can be very daunting. Considering this, we have listed a few tips for you that can help in choosing the right blood pressure monitor for your use at home.

Automatic BP Monitor: If you are looking for a device that can be used at home efficiently, you should buy automatic or digital blood pressure monitors. Choose the one that can be used on the arm rather than a finger or wrist. 

Type of Cuff: There are three different types of BP monitors available – arm, finger, and wrist monitors. A monitor with an automatic cuff that can be wrapped around your upper arm is the best suitable one for home use. It is known as a brachial blood pressure monitor. If you compare these three types, arm blood pressure monitors can provide the most accurate and consistent results. Especially, if you are above 50 years, avoid using cuffs that go around your wrist.

Right Cuff Size: One of the most important aspects while buying a blood pressure monitor is the cuff size. It is related to the circumference of your upper arm. If your cuff does not fit properly, it may give you inaccurate readings. To get the best fit, you should measure it around your upper arm. The cuff should be wrapped at the midpoint between your shoulder and elbow. For the better fit, you can read the chart below:

Accuracy: Make sure that your blood pressure monitor is clinically validated for accuracy. For this, you can also consult your doctor. The life of these devices generally lays between two to three years. Once this threshold is crossed, check your blood pressure monitor machine at your doctor’s office to know about its accuracy.

Take Three Measures: Buy a BP monitor device with the feature of taking three measurements at a time automatically. There are some monitors that follow this process each time you use them. These devices take the three reading at a gap of 30-60 seconds. The average of these three readings will give your actual blood pressure.

Budget-Friendly: These machines vary in prices. The prices depend on the features that your BP monitor has. These features can be helpful sometimes for other reasons but go for the one that perfectly suits your pocket. 

These aspects will help you choose the right blood pressure monitor. Understand your requirement and buy a monitor that fulfil all your needs. However, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before purchasing and using these medical devices.

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