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Online or Offline? What Do You Prefer for Your Document Storage?

Document storage and disposal is critical to get right, especially if your business handles financial or health care records containing sensitive information. While businesses are rapidly hopping on to the success chariot and their revenue climbing ladders as if simians jigging trees, their workplaces are diminishing with equal impetus, thanks to automation in every minuscule field. As a result, everything, from campaign planning, operations, routine movements and activities have to be executed in that confined space, which does not leave enough breathing locale for those bulky document storage cabinets. The fallout from this issue can be a huge burden on companies that experience it. Therefore, how will you make sure that your organization is properly managing document storage and disposal?

Our Recommendation? Going Digital!

But why digital?

Devoting space to file cabinets, and other storage trunks not just looks out of date; however, it is out of date! Electronic storage appears to be a good alternative. The laptop tranquilly resting on your table is adept in storing lakhs of files, 100 times more than what a colossal cabinet can gulp in. Moreover, not just the size of files, digital storage facilitates easy segregation of files, just make different folders and store invoices, whether tax or retail, record transactions, bills and other miscellaneous stuff, without taking up any additional space.

In addition, one crucial edge which digital storage has above conventional storage practises is that it enables you to share documents in a jiffy which significantly boosts efficiency. No more rummaging through a pile of old dilapidated documents, just search for the desired file, click share and send.

What if My System Runs Out of Space?

Although, online document storage is not tangible, it still does run out of space! Storing tons of files on your PC might deter its efficiency, which may ultimately lead to substandard performance – slower internet, high loading times, and even higher system temperature which appears to fume away the next minute. What could be a particular solution? Well, just like you buy additional storage furniture, similarly you can buy additional cloud space to store your files and documents online.

Cloud Storage – Next Level of Document Preservation

In today’s business environment, it’s no longer a question of whether to adopt a cloud solution for data storage; it is an indispensable part of an organisation’s functioning. A cloud storage, as the name itself indicates is a system where data is stored on remote servers accessed via the internet. Presently, 75% of all organizations have at least one application stored in the cloud, and it is anticipated that an average company will almost a moiety of their applications and platforms uploaded on cloud premises systems by 2018.

Therefore, manual processes will never help you succeed, in this age of rapid technical advancements it is imperative to move in harmony with technology.

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