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  • Bathroom- The name seems ordinary but should be extraordinary for you

Bathroom- The name seems ordinary but should be extraordinary for you

Bathroom fittings- Meaning and significance

Bathroom fittings are, basically, the things that are fitted in addition to the main parts of a room (known as the fixtures/bathroom accessories).

Bathroom fixtures are permanent elements that are plumbed in, and only really detachable when you look to renovate again in the future. As such, most fixtures have an expected life of 15 – 20 years.

Few points to be considered by Homeowners and bathroom decorators while choosing bathroom accessories:


Budget is unquestionably the most important determining factor in bathroom accessories. The funds kept aside for the bathroom determines the types and quality of the accessories.

Most highly-priced accessories are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and very functional.

On the other hand, lower-priced accessories could be effective but have a short to the medium span of life.

The Layout Of The Bathroom

The bathroom layout describes how spacious a bathroom is. The right set of accessories to fit in and the manner they are arranged can complement a bathroom while negating the problems the layout might bring out.

For example, adding mirrors in a small bathroom can create an illusion of space. Similarly, using wall-hung washbasins can increase the space available. Additionally, shower cubicles can also create more space lengthwise than bathtubs

The Overall Theme Of The Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are usually designed following a theme. The themes may vary from modern 3D concepts to vintage or floral concepts.

While modern concepts emphasize color and simplicity with style, traditional concepts, emphasize a feeling of nostalgia. A close example of traditional concepts is Oriental themes.

They are usually designed for therapeutic effects and are most suitable for steam baths.


The preference of the user as per functionality is another factor to be considered. Some users may like bathroom accessories that are simple and straightforward. Others may prefer those which are highly sophisticated and esteemed.

A recent example of exotic bathrooms include bathtubs and Jacuzzis fitted with wireless and Bluetooth enabled communication devices, television sets, etc.

While choosing functionality, it is important that the preferences of the user be kept in mind beforehand since bathrooms account for a large portion of your lifetime.

Frequency of Use

Considerations for personal bathrooms may be different from public places, The personal bathrooms should focus on aesthetics and functionality while public bathrooms should be built with the motive of durability and user-friendliness in mind.

Some of the most used Bathroom Fittings and fixtures described below:-

Towel Ring-

It holds the towel allowing the user to wipe easily.

Toilet paper holder-

It holds the toilet paper roll, which can be pulled and used.

Glass shelf corner-

This is a glass corner to keep objects like shampoo, creams, oils ,etc

Soap Dispenser-

This equipment is available in various materials such as stainless steel, fiber, plastic ,etc

Soap Dish-

This is an attached dish to the wall or can be kept separately to hold the soap cake.


Taps nowadays are usually of stainless steel of various designs and shapes to suit your needs.


Showers are of stainless steel and come in various designs that can bring out water in different patterns.

Also nowadays filters are available which can be fixed to these showers that can purify water before dispensing.

 At Moglix, we have an entire range of  Bathroom fittings and fixtures that will fulfill all your ordinary and exotic needs from brands like Kamal, Hindware, Jorss, Bath age, etc.

Just log on to the site and feel mesmerized and satisfied with the outstanding variety we present.


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