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Stuck with a pile of dirty clothes? Washing machines have got you covered!

A washing machine is made to clean varieties of garments with no/minimal physical efforts. These machines were developed to reduce manual labor spent on washing dirty clothes. The laundry machines are created so detergent is placed into the machines and also the laundry is done efficiently.

While looking for a washing machine, the different types of machines make it a little confusing, such as what are the differences between Semi-automatic and Automatic washing machines, and what are front load and top load washing machines?

Moglix has a wide range of washing machines available and you can get the machines as per your requirement.

Here, we will help you to choose the right washing machine as per your needs!

Differences between semi-automatic and fully automatic

Semi-automatic Machines

  • These are less expensive than fully Automatic
  • No need for a direct water supply as you can pour water as per your requirement
  • It also has the capability of washer and dryer
  • Requires manual intervention for the laundry

These washing machines are most commonly used for household laundry and require more space, these machines may cause shocks if used in houses with no earthed wiring.

Fully Automatic Machines

  • These are power efficient but more expensive than semi-automatic
  • It does everything at the touch of a button
  • These machines are very effective in removing stains. 

An automatic machine does not require any manual effort to do laundry. It has the washer and dryer capabilities, also these can rinse and dry the clothes at just one touch.

However, these differences are not just limited to semi and fully automatic washing machine, also there are two more sub-types of washing machines as mentioned below:

Top Load Washing Machines

  • Top load washing machines have the door at the top and are loaded from the top
  • These machines are mostly narrow in size so they can easily be fit in small spaces
  • These have comparatively lesser capacity than front-loads machines
  • These are much cheaper than the front load but require more water usage

On a top loader machine, you need to lay clothes loosely inside the washer until they reach the top of the agitator. Also, it saves the trouble of bending down for old buyers with joint issues.

Front Load Washing Machines

  • Front-load washing machines have a door at the front. 
  • It can take more loads as it uses the paddle to rotate the loads.
  • It’s more power efficient due to its larger capacity. 
  • It also uses less water to wash loads but more expensive than the top load washing machine

For a front loader, you just have to fill it till it’s full and you will get much gentler wash with cloths.

Another important factor to consider is the washing machine holding capacity, To understand the tank capacity refer the chart below to buy as per your needs:

We at Moglix recommend you to buy a fully automatic front loader, as it may have a higher initial cost but that can be recovered in just a few years through water, sewer, drying time, and soap usage savings. As it does have more packed features to accommodate all fabric types and quieter at its operations. 

If you are looking for washing machines at affordable prices, Moglix is the best place for you. There are different types of washing machines available on our website Moglix.com and you can buy some of the best washing machines at an affordable range. Moglix also delivers some of the best brands available in the market like Panasonic, Haier, whirlpool, Lloyd, and many more to choose from.

Happy shopping!

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