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Common Printer Problems and their solutions

We experience day to day printer problems and get inked up with the same. The problem can occur with the print quality, paper jams, or unwanted blank sheets coming out. These problems would not always require you to call a technician and you may fix them with the right kind of knowledge. So here some common printer problems and their solutions.

Printer prints too slow

The printer starts printing very slow because of many different reasons. It depends on the type of printer model since some printers print at a much slower pace to produce high-quality prints. Other printer models print faster, but the quality is low. Go into the Print and Properties option and change the quality of the print job. 

Paper jam

A paper jam obstructs your paper printing. A paper jam can be caused by some of the following things:

· Paper could be loaded incorrectly

· Paper rollers are damaged

· Paper that is torn or dirty

· The paper tray is loaded with multiple papers

· An object is jammed in the path of the paper

· Paper is added to the printer-tray while the printer is printing

Sometimes a paper jam is caused by only a tiny piece of paper that needs to be detached or else you need to call a technician. 

Inconsistent Images

Sometimes images appear faded or blurry. These images occur due to ink nozzle issues or improperly used paper. One should keep the print-head tape clean to prevent this problem.

The quality of print-outs have gone down

Poor print quality includes bad text or image quality. Adjust the printer settings to the highest quality. The quality of paper and cartridges also matters. Cartridge refill should be checked regularly.

The Cost of print-outs is too high

One of the major reasons that account for the high cost is highly-priced cartridges but you may not choose a low-quality cartridge that may produce inferior prints. OEM cartridges are the best to be considered.

Blank Sheet keeps on coming out frequently

The reason for such blank sheets could be a problem in printer setting/printer driver etc. They need to be up to date. These extra sheets of paper are at times used as separators.

Wireless Printer Feature Issues

At times wireless printers do not connect to your computer which becomes frustrating. Then you need to check your Wi-Fi connection/data settings or restart the computer. You may also go in for checking your internet connection, the network and passwords should be in place.

To keep the printer is running in and smooth condition, regular maintenance is a must. The printer must be handled with care and periodic rests. Good quality paper and cartridge should be used. Installing and uninstalling trays should be done carefully.

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