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Bike helmet

Beginner’s Guide: Types of Bike Helmets and Their Importance

A reliable and good quality helmet is essential whenever you are riding a bike. It protects your head and face in case of an accident or any other impact crashes. This is why your motorcycle helmet should be durable, secure, and comfortable.

Nowadays, you can find different types of motorcycle helmets available in the market. While all these have the same purpose they are different in shapes, sizes, and safety features. Therefore, you should know all about these bike helmets to make the best choice.

In this article, you can find all the essential information regarding differences and similarities between these types and the list begins as:

Full Face Helmets

If you want the most protective and traditional looking motorcycle helmet, go for a full-face helmet. This covers your head entirely and protects from top to bottom and front to back. The only section that is not covered in a full-face helmet is the eye section that generally has a visor that flips up.

You can get the full-face helmet in different models that are suitable for all types of motorcycles, roads, and distances. 

These helmets are good for ventilation as these can allow sweat to evaporate, reduce visor fogging, and keep you cool while riding. You can also close the ventilation to reduce the airflow in winters. Nowadays, full-face helmets are available with new and advanced features that make them more popular among users.

Open Face Helmets

These are also known as ¾ helmets and cover the top back and sides of your head. However, your face can not be covered with these so that you can enjoy the ride with the wind and breeze on your face. They’re usually used by cafe racers, cruisers, scooter riders, etc.

Open face helmets don’t have chin bars and are not considered as the safest models. 

Modular Helmets

Also known as flip-up, these are the combination of ¾ and full-face motorcycle helmets. At the first glance, they look similar to full-face helmets and have some similar features as well but their design allows the chin bar and visor to flip up and this is the reason, why they got their name as modular bike helmets.

Most of these helmets come with a standard visor for protecting the eyes. Some may include another visor for better protection against sunlight. However, these bike helmets are slightly heavier than the traditional helmets because of the extra design hinge features.

These are ideal for adventure riders or cruisers and offer excellent protection for an upright riding position.

Half-Face Helmets

These are quite popular among bike riders. They cover the area from the top of your head to your brows and provide minimal protection to your head.

There are some models of these helmets that cover the back of your neck but your face is still exposed in all variations. Due to their interesting designs, the riders are recommended to wear glasses or goggles while riding the bike. These are the best choices for people who ride at low speeds.

Off-road Helmets

These helmets are made specifically for not-so-smooth tracks and dirt roads. These are not recommended to be used in the cities and highways. However, they’re great for rough areas with dust and mud.

These dirt bike helmets have larger visors, bigger chin bars, and available with minimum weight and maximum protection. Sometimes, they offer effective air ventilation also. They are very helpful in keeping the sun glare out of the eyes, especially during the warmer months of off-roading. 

Dual-Sport Helmets

These are the combination of off-road and full-face helmets. Their exterior looks similar to off-road models because of the larger visors and lower chin bars. But the interior resembles full-face helmets.

As compared to off-road helmets, these offer more interior padding and comfort just like a full-face helmet. These stylish bike helmets are designed to be used both on the road and off-road.

These are the types of helmets you can find for yourself. After reading all the aspects, their benefits and features, you can opt for the one that perfectly fits you. If you are willing to buy a good quality motorcycle helmet, browse through our online platform, and buy the best helmet for you.

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