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“Whether In/Out” Authenticate every check with these unsung watch tools!

Access control systems have become an indispensable part of not just commercial complexes, but residential premises too. With an access control system in place, you can effectively fortify your property from burglaries and thefts as well as keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. They help in maintaining a strict oversight above trespassers and by controlling the movement of people in and out of the building. Moreover, by installing an access control system you can also set the criteria for the people that are allowed to access the property, or sensitive areas within its premises.

Types of Biometric Methods

Facial Recognition

These machines capture the face through an image or video and characterize the geometry of a face by recognizing the distance between the forehead and chin. By collecting these data it compares the information within the available database of known faces to find the match. 

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition system scans the fingers and determines the pattern by ridges and valves on our finger then converts it into an encrypted key of specific characters that are saved in series of numbers as a binary code after collecting these data the machine matches the patterns with the previous existing database for verification. 

Iris Recognition

While comparing the iris recognition with face or fingerprints, the iris is the most unique and reliable way for identifying and granting access, these biometrics capture the high-resolution images of the unique pattern of the eyes through an infrared camera and identify the points to distinguish it with the other iris prints. 

There are also a wide variety of access control systems with keypads and PIN pads as if the primary way of verification fails, the user will still have the option to verify themselves using the keypad. These backup options are very much beneficial to businesses with a sizable amount of employees.

There are many benefits of Access Control Technology, including:

Securing Highly sensitive Data

Every business has its secrets and sensitive information that they should keep secure from theft and unauthorized individuals. Access control systems help businesses to set up a boundary for every individual so that unauthorized personnel can be prevented from entering certain areas.

Identifying the Unauthorized Strangers

if the company has a sizable amount of employees in the building, it can be difficult to track who is an employee to the company and who is not. access control systems help to prevent unauthorized people from entering the area through the unique identification system like a fingerprint, iris scan, PIN pads, and facial recognition which can be stored in the database of the machine itself.

No Keys Required 

With keys, it may happen that an employee loses their keys or even keys can be stolen or one can make a duplicate key that may cause your company to make new keys or change the existing locks for securing the area but with the access control system, the business can easily manage the allotment or removing the access of the employee’s card is required.

Tracking entry and exit

The access control system allows you to track who is entering or exiting the primacy, the system allows you to have a daily record of people who have entered or left the area at what time. This helps in preventing theft and securing the goods and supplies. 

The Access Control system also comes integrated with a time and attendance system which helps to eliminate time theft, securing primacy, and providing accurate data. These integrated devices come with a unique identification system that cannot be copied or forgotten by an employee/ individual like face recognition and fingerprint authorization.

Here are some Benefits of These Integrated system 

One time cost

In the long run, it may happen that the employees may lose their punching cards or in a matter of time, the card needs to be replaced. This system only requires a one-time purchasing cost as it works by scanning the employee’s face, fingerprint, and iris scan that does not require the company to bear any replacement cost.

Accurate punching timings

The system records the accurate timing of when a particular employee has punched In and out of the office as every employee has its own unique biometric characteristic that can not be copied by some fellow employee. Hence ensuring that there is No Time Theft.

Honest Attendance Information

The system shows the accurate timing data of every employee, which can be accessed anytime to ensure employee accountability by tracking the employee’s average work duration, unscheduled breaks, and late coming.

Increasing employees’ potential

This machine helps in recording the honest time hours, which can ensure the employees only get paid according to their daily work hours data. This leads to employees’ motivation for working and ensuring effective business operations.

The purpose of an access control system is to prevent unauthorized access into your property and control the movement of people within. Owing to this, access control systems are equipped with many advanced features that help in the identification of any individual who tries to enter the premises.

The system helps in improving employee’s work capabilities by keeping them accountable towards their organization as well as eliminating time theft that may help in fixing unnecessary revenue loss so the business can work up to its potential resulting in company growth.

A successful authentication system, then becomes adept in restricting the entry of trespassers, fortifying your property from any misshapen and managing employees Entry and Exit.

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