101 Hospital Furniture

Hospitals supplies are the most critical essentials which not only is just commercial buying but way beyond that. It needs proper consideration for the comfort and safety of patients. Hence, buying proper hospital and clinical supplies is a lot more than just typical business shopping.

One of the most important supplies for the hospital is furniture, namely- hospital chairs, tables, trolleys, side screens, and hospital beds.

As for the importance of medical supplies and long hours of duration spent by the doctors and practitioners, it becomes more important to choose the right, comfortable, and reliable furniture for the hospitals or clinics.

The most common and basic furniture that is required in any hospital and clinic includes the following-

1.Hospital Chairs –

The seating for the doctors, therapists, practitioners, and patients plays a vital role in the hospital. Certain things should be kept in mind while choosing the right seatings for hospitals and clinics.

First, let’s look into the types of chairs that are meant for medical use:

  1. Wheelchair 
  2. Patient chair
  3. Dental chair
  4. Stair chair
  5. Recliner chair 
  6. Dialysis chair
  7. Lift chair
  8. Stretcher chair 
  9. Shower chair 
  10. Gynecologist chair

2. Hospital Tables-

There are different types of tables that help with different types of medical situations. Some of the major types of tables used in the clinic or hospital are-

  1. Bedside table- H- shaped; U- shaped
  2. Delivery table 
  3. Examination table 
  4. Operational table 
  5. Overbed table 

3.  Hospital Beds –       

There are different types of beds available in the hospital or clinic. These beds should be made from good high-quality material to make them durable and long-lasting. 

They should offer various features like – adjustable backrest, flexible side railings, changing positions using a button, corrosion-free, intact, etc. That provides full comfort and support to the patients.

Some of the beds used in a hospital or clinic are- 

  1. CU bed
  2. Pediatric bed
  3. Ward plain bed
  4. Semi fowler bed
  5. Electric beds

4. Hospital Trolley –

This type of furniture is one-stop used for the mobility of equipment and hospital supplies. Types of trolleys based on the types of utilities they transfer are- 

  1. Stretcher trolley
  2. Monitor and Dressing trolley
  3. Emergency casualty trolley
  4. Food trolleys 
  5. Mayo’s trolley 

Other types of hospital furniture include –

How to choose the right chair for your hospital or clinic-

1.Comfort –

Hospital furniture should be comfortable. The chairs should have an armrest, adjustable heights, and a headrest to provide full comfort and support. Wherein the beds should exhibit several features like buttons for adjustments, bed rest, back support, and comfort. 

2.Durable –

Hospital furniture should be made to last. It should be protected from staining or scratching and should be made from a material that can easily be disinfected. It should be durable in all aspects.

3. User friendly –

The furniture should be comfortable for all age groups to sit and wait or have a biological inspection. Ergonomic chairs are better as they offer proper posture and support, it comes with adjustable height. That makes them suitable for all ages. The beds should be bought according to the needs and comfort of the patients.

4. Design –

The furniture should give an aesthetic look to the hospital or clinic. Maintaining proper and consistent design will maintain a theme and will save time.

5.Standardized list-

The list should be made for the standard and best quality vendors for hospital furniture so that it saves time and effort, providing you with the best chairs for the long term. This will let you keep track and make the staff familiar with the products making them comfortable and maintain the proper standard of the hospital. Buy the furniture from a credible source.

The demand for hospital furniture has increased immensely with the development of medical supplies. The hospital furniture is specialized unlike the normal home furniture, it requires special adherence with the medical needs. It should be comfortable and fit for the patients and caretakers. To get reliable and durable furniture for long term hospital needs, visit www.moglix.com and get all the medical supplies that you need. It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs.

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