Safety Tips for Supplemental Oxygen Users

Supplemental oxygen is a lifesaver for those who deal with a condition like COPD i.e. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It provides a healthy and normal level of oxygen in an effective way. For those who use supplemental oxygen, safety is one of the most important factors. Although oxygen is non-flammable and safe gas. But there are a few materials that can catch fire in the presence of oxygen. Whether they are oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen systems, safety precautions should be taken care of. The following are a few safety measures that should be taken care of while using supplemental oxygen.

Stay Away from Heat and Open Flames: The basic rule is, oxygen canisters such as gas stoves, wood burning stoves, lit fireplaces, candles and more at least 5 to 10 feet away from a heat source. To maintain a safe distance between an open flame and a canister, use an extended oxygen tubing. Also, keep checking the oxygen cylinder regulator frequently. Make sure that it does not leak anyway.

Don’t Smoke Near Oxygen: Everyone knows that smoking is hazardous to health. But for those who use supplemental oxygen or oxygen therapy, smoking can be an instant tragedy. Thus, it should be avoided. COPD patients usually get instructed not to smoke.

Move to a Non-Electric Razor: Electric razor is a probable source of spark. The tiny spark generated by an electric razor can turn into a full-blown fire. if you are using oxygen therapy. Hence, it is advised to better use a traditional way to shave.. It can be a better way to keep yourself safe.

Avoid Petroleum Based Creams and Lotions: Petroleum-based products are a highly flammable mixture of hydrocarbons. Petroleum is also used in making some creams, lotions, and even in lipstick and lip balm. Due to their flammable nature, it is recommended to use only water-based products.

Use Oxygen Safely: This is one of the main factors that you should focus on. You can simply start with smart storage. Oxygen containers and regulators must be kept upright and in a safe place. Place them where they would not be able to fall or roll.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, here are some other points that should be considered. Turn off the O2 regulator when it is not in use. Keep the hoses clean and replace them on a regular basis. Also, change the filters in your concentrator. Never make the concentrator to be exposed due to smoke and fume. If you use water to humidify the oxygen, canister and tubing should be cleaned daily.

These are the tips that you should follow to make supplementary oxygen usage safe.  Buy an oxygen regulator online at Moglix. There is a vast range of industrial oxygen regulators of the best brands such as Ador Welding, Acron, Asha, ESAB, Jayshri, Sharpcut and many more.

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