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Tips to Consider When Buying an Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is the most basic kitchen appliance and very popular among coffee and tea lovers because of the convenience, and speed it offers when boiling water. The best electric kettles in India are made of the best quality material and latest technology and make it easy to operate. From boiling water to preparing instant noodles, you can use it for all the simple tasks of your daily routine and save your time.

How an Electric Kettle Works?

The working of an electric kettle is very simple. Once the kettle is switched on it gradually starts heating up the water inside. The heating element made up of metal coil which heats up fast and starts heating the surrounding. In most of the electric kettle auto shut off system is present and it starts beeping once the water has been boiled.  

Benefits of Using an Electric Kettle

Here are a few considerable benefits of buying an electric kettle.

Automatic Shut-Down System

It prevents accidents in case you forget to switch off the power of the appliance after using it.

Easy To Use

To use an electric kettle you just need to add water and press the button. There are other different features available like to set the temperature as per your requirement, it is very easy to figure that out.

Energy Efficient

If we compare microwave or traditional stove kettle, electric kettles use less energy to boil water or to do any other task, hence they are more energy efficient.


Precision is the factor that is very important for all the tea and coffee lovers. To get the right temperature when brewing some types of tea or coffee can create a huge difference in the flavor.

Buying an electrical kettle can sometimes be stressful as a wide range of variety is available online and everyone claims that their product is best. To select the right electric kettle for yourself you can read further where you can understand what features are to be looked upon while buying the best electric kettle.

Factors to Look When Buying the Best Electric Kettle

If you have decided to buy an electric kettle for your home or office, here are a few things that you can consider before purchasing it.

Speed of Boiling

One of the most important features of a good electric kettle is the speed of boiling. For most of the people who intend to buy an electric kettle looks for the speed of boiling it offers. Most electric kettles from the best electric kettle brands in India boil water in about three to four minutes. Before buying an electric kettle consider the features very carefully and choose your kettle on the basis of its speed.

Size and Weight of an Electric Kettle

The other important feature of an electric kettle that distinguishes between the best and an average kettle is its size and weight.  When it comes to size the two main things that we look for are capacity and counter space. The capacity of an electric kettle means how much water can be stored in it at a particular time. The other concern that comes with a size is the counter space. The electric kettle that does not require much space as a microwave or any other appliances makes it much more desirable.


Electric kettles do not make much noise. They only make beep sounds once the water is boiled; however, there are few kettles that make other sounds too which can be annoying to a lot of customers.  

Ease of Use

Electric kettles are very easy to use which makes it one of the major reasons to be popular among many people. If you want an electric kettle just for the purpose of making tea or coffee you can select the simplest form of an electric kettle. If you want an electric kettle to do a more complex task you can buy the one which has additional features like temperature control system etc.

Body Design or Appearance

The best electric kettles have good features and also a great appearance. Electric kettles are mostly built to function properly, but the best electric kettles look equally well as they perform.


For any type of electric components, durability is a concern. You would want to spend money on an electric kettle that lasts for longer. Also, look for the warranty of the product. One of the best ways to find out if the product is durable or not is to look for the customer reviews and buy an electric kettle that lasts for longer.


Electric kettles are mostly made of metal, glass, plastic or some combination of those three materials. Glass and stainless steel are considered to be of higher quality in comparison to plastic material; however, plastic won’t get as hot to touch than the other two materials. You can choose the desirable material electric kettle as per your preferences.

Some Other Features to Consider

  •    Base Cord Storage- Cords create a problem while using it as most of the time it comes in the way while working. There are many electric kettles that have base cord storage and that ensures you only have to deal with the kettle’s cord when you need it.
  •    Cordless or Detachable Cord- You can find many electric kettles online which are cordless or have a detachable cord which is generally easier to use and store.
  •  Water Gauge- The most modern types of kettles have the visible water gauge which will help you to understand how much water is in your kettle at any given time.

Why Buy an Electric Kettle Online?

The new generation is always busy and they believe in making the most of their time. Buying an electric kettle online is an ideal situation for today’s generation. They don’t have time to go outside and buy a kettle for themselves. An electric kettle works as a savior for housewife, working women, and many other people. There are several online platforms from where you can buy an electric kettle, and you can get the best range of electric kettle at an affordable price from our website Moglix.

We often choose the wrong kettles for ourselves by not checking all the specifications and added features that match your requirements. If you are buying an electric kettle online you have an option to compare the specifications of the kettle and check the customer reviews that help to choose the perfect kettle for your requirement. Choosing the right electric kettle can improve the flavor of your daily cup of tea and coffee and ensure that it is prepared faster.

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