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Choose the right chair for your workspace at home

Work from home is the new normal!

Mostly everyone is working from home nowadays hence creating a comfortable and productive workplace has never been so important. People make the mistake of underestimating this task and instead of looking for a good ergonomic chair, they go for the cheapest one. The drawback of this mindset is not just that low-quality cheap products require to be replaced more frequently but it’s the bad chairs lead to several health problems and also loss of work productivity and efficiency.

A chair on its own is not enough. It has to be individualized as per the anthropometry of the individual and also with the height of the table and the lighting of the workspace. If we go by the calculations one will get to know that we all spend a lot of time working hence you need to buy the right chair for both office and home.

Let’s know some of the reasons behind it.

Reasons why you need the right ergonomic office chair –

To maintain comfort and good health –

The best chair is the one on which you can sit for long hours without discomfort or pain. Some chairs will seem to be fine at first but by the end of the day, the pain in the back will speak for itself. 

If your chair isn’t right, it will affect your sitting posture and it will cause serious health issues. 

Wrong sitting positions while working from home

 The right ergonomic chair should

  • Keep your feet flat
  • Provide a little gap between the back of your knee and the front edge of the chair
  • Allow your knees to be a little lower than the level of your hips
  • Allow you to change positions

It is always said prevention is always better than cure. Good ergonomic chairs are designed by keeping the individual body in mind which provides comfort with proper lumbar support. According to the studies it has been found that lack of lumbar support leads to pressure and strain on the muscles and reduction of blood flow in spinal tissue damaging the disc and pinched nerves in the back.

Chairs with lumbar support avoid this situation by maintaining proper blood circulation which promotes comfort and provides correct posture that in turn makes you healthy and reduces back issues.

To increase productivity and efficiency –

Wrong chair selection leads to a lack of concentration and focuses on the work. If the chair is uncomfortable one will need frequent breaks and need to get up from the chair. Therefore the work will suffer. 

A good chair is one on which you can have long sittings without pain and the urge of getting up from discomfort.


An ergonomic office chair is meant to last for a good 7-10 when working 40 hours per week. Once it comes to an end, effectiveness from an ergonomic point of view will suffer.
If the chair is not wisely chosen and has low quality it will require to be replaced more quickly. So invest money one time instead of wasting it many times.

The right chair not only makes a big difference in your work and comfort but also decides how your back will feel at the end of the day so think before investing in one.

Here are some tips which help you to choose the right office chair for your work from home-

Look for the chair that provides you best back support features-

Ergonomic chairs provide many advantages but you should always look for the chairs that provide multiple points of back supports that guarantee full base support.
To have a comfortable work zone look for the best-featured chairs that provide reclining options, lunar support, backrest with adjustable height.
An ergonomic office chair with a full backrest will ensure correct posture and reduce alleviating pain from back alignments and other parts of the back.

Go for waterfall seat design-

Waterfall seats are named for their round shape front edge. Research has shown that chairs with waterfall edge seats are best for maintaining a good posture.
The slightly downward slope shape gives more support behind the knees and back of the thighs relieving pressure. The round edge waterfall design equals distribution of weight across the whole seat which gives a more comfortable sitting experience.

Arm and headrest-

Your arms will thank you later for providing a chair that fits them.

It is very important to consider how your arms fit when you sit, the arms should be supported about the same height as your keyboard. A chair should not force you to shrug your shoulders just to get your elbows fit on the armrest. It will lead to a lot of discomforts. A good chair is the one that gives you proper arm support while you work and sit on in.

Many chairs come with a headrest or are tall enough to provide head support. Some people look for head support while some avoid it. Go for the chair that fits you best just keeping in mind that the back is straight while you lay back and chill for a while.

Height of the chair according to your height-

The height of the chair is a thing to look for. Many chairs are built according to the average height of people. If you are taller or shorter look for the chair that suits you the best. Nobody probably notices the height of the chair while buying it but the chair with the wrong height is not only discomforting but also causes a lot of health problems.

Look for a chair that feels comfortable while you sit in. there should not be pressure on the upper legs or toe as your foot isn’t touching the floor. 

Choose the chairs that come with a height adjustment feature so that you can make things work according to your comfort.

When you go to buy an office chair there are various types and brands of chairs available in the market. Office chairs come in a wide variety of materials. The two most top-selling and famous types are mesh office chairs and leatherette office chairs.

Leatherette office chairs are made entirely of leather other than its seat, armrest, and headrest if present. The frame and the legs are made of strong metal or heavy-duty plastic.

It is very popular among businesses, offices, and consumers.

Whereas, Mesh office chairs as the name suggests are made up of “mesh” material. Mesh means any material webbed into multiple stands giving an appearance of woven fiber. Most of them are made of synthetic fabrics like polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene. These have become famous due to its unique designs. 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both types of office chair that will help you to make the right choice while choosing the office chair for your workspace.

Leatherette vs mesh office chairs-


The most important aspect to look in a chair is comfort. Both types have a diversity of characteristics. Let’s go through mesh office chairs first.

Mesh chairs are designed in such a way that suits best for your office seating needs. They are modern innovations with fabric across its frame which provides amazing support. It is made of fabric that allows the consumer to have ventilated back which keeps them cool. these are very comfortable in summers and lot environments.

Wherein, leatherette office chairs have good padding and a form filled frame. It provides support for critical areas in the lower back and arms. It is best suited in winters and cool environments as it keeps the user warm.

Both the chairs give excellent comfort and support to the user. For summers mesh chairs are very comfortable in summers whereas leatherette chairs keep you cozy in cold.


Mesh chairs are easy to maintain as it is made of such material which can easily be cleaned and kept in sunlight to dry after cleaning with soap or cleaner. It can however not be scrubbed as the material will stretch or wear out.

Leatherette office chairs on the other hand cannot be easily cleaned with water and kept in sunlight as the leather will fade away. It can be cleaned by dusting and wiping off anything that spills on it. Leather also requires to be cleaned regularly as it becomes dirty more quickly.

Cost and looks –

Everyone has to maintain their budget and get the perfect product according to their need in that range. If you have to look for comfort then choosing a mesh office chair is a better idea as it is relatively cheaper. Wherein, if you are looking for an elegant and more professional look then go for leatherette office chairs.

Mesh chairs have limited choices of designs to choose from and on the other hand, leatherette chairs come in a variety of designs and colors.


The lifespan of a decent chair is 5-10 years. Leatherette chairs have durable and proven long durability due to its heavy material. whereas, mesh office chair material starts to fray and lose its comfort with the usage of working hours.

It is very important to invest in a product that has less maintenance and high prolonged durability.

Everyone has preferences and choices for their comfort and design. There are a variety of Leatherette office chairs and mesh office chairs. Moglix offers a variety and types of office chairs to choose from. We provide the best deals and attributes to provide you full comfort and a productive work environment at your home or office. To find out the latest and popular office chairs to buy visit mogli.com .


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