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Stay Warm This Winter with the Best Room Heaters: How to Buy?

As the temperature drops, we start preparing ourselves to survive in the chilly winters. For this, we take out our woolens and blankets and other useful stuff. Thanks to scientific advancements, there are appliances that can keep us safe from freezing cold and make us comfortable at our homes & offices. Among those devices, room heaters are the ones that can give us a cozy feeling even in the coldest temperatures. However, sometimes it becomes very difficult to decide what kind of room heater would be best to use. So, check out some important factors that you should consider while buying the best quality room heater.

Types of Room Heaters

One of the most important factors is what type of room heater needed for your space. You can find three types of heaters available in the market – infrared heaters, fan heaters, oil-filled room heaters. 

Infrared Heaters: These are some of the most economical heaters that work like a campfire. These heaters heat up quickly and consume less energy; this is why these are the best choice for small places. Infrared heaters don’t have fans so there is no problem of noise at all.

Fan Heaters or Convection Heaters: If you want to heat up a quite large space within a short period of time, go for fan heaters. These heaters have ceramic oil that heats the air around the heater and this is the reason why convection heaters quickly create heat and are safe to touch. Convection heaters consume less energy and are pocket friendly too. 

Oil Filled Heaters: These heaters are an ideal choice if you want to heat big rooms, living areas, or office space, etc. These are available in large sizes and slightly expensive than radiant and convection heaters. However, oil-filled heaters are energy efficient and fit into your budget very easily.

Heating Capacity

When looking for a room heater, consider the size of the heater, and the area it covers. It can be easily determined by the wattage rating of the room heater. You can find room heaters from 100 watts to 1,500-watts of heating power and more. Also, check the heating technology of your room heater and indoor environment to heat your space quickly.

Energy Efficiency

If you are concerned about the heating cost, it is necessary to compare energy efficiency before choosing a heater. You can check the energy efficiency ratings (EER) of the heater available on its cover. You can also check for additional features like energy-saving modes, low wattage, adjustable thermostats, and more to save you from skyrocketing electricity bills.

Noise Level

We all don’t want any irritating noise occurring in our ears while using any of the appliances. So, make sure your room heater does not produce any disturbing noise. The noise level of the room heater depends on the kind of technology is used to generate the heat. So, you can go for radiant and oil-filled room heaters as these are noise-free and do not bother at all.

Safety Features

Safety is one of the major concerns while choosing a room heater. Make sure your room heater has a cool-to-touch and shockproof body surface. It should also be equipped with other advanced safety features like overheat protection and automatic switch-off system, etc. This can safeguard you and others from any kind of mishappening. 


There are room heaters equipped with mobility wheels or handles. These heaters are easy to move and help to provide equal heating wherever you want. So, if you want your room heater to be placed anywhere without any inconvenience, you can go for portable room heaters. 


Budget is one of the main concerns when it comes to buying room heaters. Room heaters are available in different affordable price ranges from 1,000 to 15,000 rs, and more. You can first set your budget and look for additional features under your budget and use these heaters at pocket-friendly prices. 

So, these are some key factors that you can consider when choosing a room heater for your space. Follow these points and get the best-suited one for yourself. 

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