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Workwear Boiler Suit – A Full-proof protection for every industrial worker

The term ‘boiler suit’ is found to be first recorded in The Sunday Express in 1928 and the garment originated in the late 19th century.

The word comes from the garment’s use while working on coal- fired boilers on steam locomotives. To clean the firebox someone has to climb and enter through the small fire hole. The boilersuit prevented snagging when going in and out.

The workers in the industries who work so hard and in adverse conditions to produce products that are used by us in everyday life. It’s time to think about them and their safety and provide them a coverall which saves and protects them while working.

Boilersuits are also known as coveralls have a long history of use within the military and in some instances are considered part of the uniform.  

They are produced out of different weaves like twill, drill, gabardine, ripstop, canvas, oxford, matty, trovine, tusser, etc; in cotton, terry cotton, polyester cotton, polyester viscose, etc; in various finishes like oil repellent, water repellent, chemical repellent, chemical resistant, stain resistant, fire retardant, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, etc

Choosing the right style

 Choosing the right style of boilersuit depends on a number of factors such as the intended industry , required colours and the budget available. If you are using the coverall for welding or certain other trades there may be EU regulations as well.

Majorly boiler suits are as a one piece suit to keep dirt and spills off you whilst working. They are particularly popular as they are very comfortable to wear and there is no join between the top and bottoms, avoiding gaps for dirt and bits to get in.

Mechanics face this when lying down underneath cars. The most famous colour for boilersuits is navy blue as this hides the dirt, although farmers and groundsmen prefer green and painters / decorators usually go for white. 

There are also a number of other boiler suits in different styles and fabric materials. The hooded boiler suit is famous with scaffolding firms and a couple of disposable coveralls which are good for really messy jobs which would completely ruin a normal boilersuit. There’s a whole range of waterproof boiler suits which are in our waterproofs section.

Getting the right size

Most of our boiler suits are sized ‘to fit a medium chest size’. So its always advisable to buy the suit after measuring your chest size.

Dickies boiler suits, come in both medium and tall inside leg lengths.

Also, longer leg models are available.

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The industries associated with us provide exceptional protection against the hazards they face.

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