5 Ways How to Maintain Your Office Chair

Comfort in the workplace is very important for all the working people as they spend their entire day sitting on the office chairs and working on computers. The office chair undergoes a lot of damage due to its regular use. The continuous load it bears and the movement it undergoes cause various kinds of breakages. Dirt and dust sitting on a chair also affect its functions and leaves a bad impression on the visitors and clients. Hence, carrying out proper maintenance of the office chair is a necessity.

In normal circumstances, one should perform maintenance at an interval of 6 months. However, if a sudden problem occurs that should be resolved immediately. For doing that you don’t require any professionalism, below mentioned steps can help you.

Buy a Chair That Should Last Longer

The best way to guarantee that the chair will work fine for longer is to select the office chair that is made up of the best quality and has the manufacturer warranty available on it. Quality checking is required because you may spend a lot of time sitting on those chairs and if the quality of the chair has been compromised the chances of it to get damaged often increases.

Carry Out Regular Cleaning

Cleaning of the chair on a regular basis is very important, no matter what material has been used in the manufacturing of the chair; proper cleaning is required to remove the accumulated dust and dirt out of the chair. You can also use a vacuum cleaner and while using it make sure that the attachments of the vacuum cleaner does not damage or make scratches on the chair. Make sure that the suction of the vacuum cleaner is low. This will help to remain the chair be clean and the chances of it to get damaged will be minimal which will lead it to last longer.  

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

It is recommended that to clean the chair you should use a specific cleaner. Like, if you are using a leather chair you need to purchase the leather cleaner, for vinyl chair purchase the vinyl cleaner, etc. Use of harsh cleaner is strictly prohibited as it can cause the material to get damaged at great extent. Wipe the chair with clean cloth if chairs have plastic material used in it. Cleaning the chair on a regular basis can also prevent rusting and staining.

Let the Casters of the Chair Roll

Casters are another important part of the office chairs. Due to everyday usage, the wheels of the chair encounter with lots of dust and dirt from your shoes, carpet, and other things. All these things get caught in your caster and obstruct the mobility of the chair. This is something that no one would want to happen. So, move the chair and remove the dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Once it is removed you can add any lubricant to ensure it is moving smoothly.

Tighten the Screws and Bolts

In some chairs, you may find that manufacturers recommend tightening of the screws every six months to ensure that revolving chairs are working smoothly. The correct way to do this is by checking the chair properly before starting to tighten the parts. This will help you to understand the condition of each screw and bolt, also always use the appropriate tools to tighten them. If in any case after the tightening it still remains loose, you can replace those screws.

By just following these simple steps for routine maintenance you can make sure your office chair looks better and last longer, and you will get the maximum return of your investment. You may have heard people saying that office chairs do not require any maintenance but why to risk it if you can maintain it by few efforts in minutes. Buy the office chairs from our website Moglix for your office premises and let it work effortlessly and last with you for years with following the correct maintenance and regular care.

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