How to Fix a Broken Electric Pressure Washer?

An electric pressure washer is a very effectual device and used for cleaning purposes ranging from cleaning cars, glass, dirty walls, and floors. If you use this device regularly, you must know how valuable and useful this device is. It can clean pretty much anything and everything. It works by pressurizing water to wash off the dirt. An electric pressure washer is also subject to various damages and harm. To work with an electric washer pressure, it is required to fix the damages.

To gain the basic knowledge of different parts of electric pressure washer and to understand how to repair its broken parts, you can check the points mentioned below:

Switch Off the Power Source: Before initiating the repair procedure, you must unplug the device from the power source. 

Check the Device Properly: Before troubleshooting the issue, check the device and check if it is indeed broken. In some cases, a pressure washer does not get damaged, just get clogged. In such a situation, check the nozzle and make sure that there is water in the water supply line. Inspect leaks and if the electric pressure washer is broken, follow the further steps.

Check O-Rings: The pressure hose couplers have o-rings. If these rings are damaged, replace them. If these are deteriorated, use a screwdriver or an ice pick, puncture o-rings, pull them using nose pliers and remove them.

Install New O-Rings: Buy a set of o-rings and replace the old ones with the new sets. Push the new set with screwdrivers and check with fingers whether these are securely placed or not.

Open Water Pump: By removing screws, open the fill cap on the water pump. Inspect the oil level and check if it is just above the inside parts of the water pump. If the oil level is not enough, refill it up to the proper level. 

If the pump is not working properly, remove it from the pressure washer and replace the deteriorated seals and o-rings.

Check the Fuse: If you have done all the repairs and replacements and your electric pressure washer is still not working, it may have something to do with the fuse. Inspect the fuse if it is blown or not. Replace the blown fuse with a new one and test the device again.

Seek Professional Help: If your pressure washer emits a burning smell, the internal parts of it may have been damaged. In this case, you need a professional to repair it.

These are the steps that you need to follow while repairing your electric pressure washer. If you are looking to buy a pressure washer online, you can log on to This is the best place to buy this electric equipment. It offers the best products at a very feasible price.

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