How an International Freight Forwarder can help Your Business

If you happen to own an international business, you must have been acquainted to those irksome hassles, and headaches regarding shipping of your outbound consignments. After all, establishing reliable vendors, loyal business clients and trustworthy payment gateways, you should worry about what happens to your products when they are exported to your international client.

Proper freight forwarding is the main link in the chain of a healthy import-export business relationship. Therefore, rather than taking everything on yourself, it is a much better idea to approach professional freight forwarders, to avoid overseeing any loophole that can doom your business even before its inception.

There is a lot that goes in arranging the best suitable shipping services for your outbound goods; therefore it is imperative that you look for an expert that can act as a good conciliator between your international business and several other transportation services.

A worthy freight forwarder will utilise their established relationship with several shipping and transportation services, be it trucking corporations, railroad freight operators and flight cargo companies, to negotiate the best possible prices to move clients’ goods along the most economical route, in addition to performing a comprehensive analysis of the services provided by these service providers.

Why should you hire a freight forwarder?

The expertise of a freight forwarder is utilized the most when your in-house resources are not adept and well versed with international shipping rules and procedures, proving to be an indispensable asset to businesses that deal in international trade and transportation of goods.

Advantages of outsourcing your transportation needs to a freight forwarder –

  • End to end solutions

These services offer end-to-end freight handling and logistics services. From warehousing, packaging and inventory control to docking, inland transportation and order fulfilment; they take care of everything. With the help of their innovative and efficient logistics solutions, individuals and businesses can free themselves of associated risks, and concentrate on their core business capabilities.

  • Customs Clearance Assistance

A licensed service provider can entrust you with plethora of services ranging from pre-shipment and post shipment consultancy, assistance in preparing documents, liaising with government officials to ensure quick and hassle free customs clearance of consignments by sea and air.

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